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Meet Sarah McNamee of What Little Wonder

What Little Wonder is all about basic, effortless pieces that are functional, comfortable and beautiful.

For Sarah McNamee, when shopping for baby items, the functionality of the clothes and accessories are just as important as the aesthetic. McNamee started What Little Wonder in 2017 due to her own discriminating taste. When it came to finding the perfect items for her newborn son, this self-proclaimed picky shopper wanted to go beyond the traditional blue and “baby-like” fashion. McNamee’s love for community and desire to provide moms with products that would fit their taste and needs, inspired her to open this online shop that sells everything from rompers to teething rings to swaddles.

CEOMOM Magazine caught up with this busy mom to learn more about how she curates such modern and trendy pieces, why it’s important for her to support other small businesses, and her future plans for What Little Wonder.

What inspired you to start What Little Wonder?
My son was the true inspiration behind the shop. After becoming a mom, I realized how challenging it was to find apparel and little essentials in colors that weren’t so “loud” and “baby-like”. I wanted to offer moms products that were both aesthetically pleasing while still being functional. I also enjoyed shopping small and wanted to find a way to bring those brands and products to more moms that were looking for modern, trendy items.

How do you select the brands you carry?
Most of the brands we carry, I stumble across while browsing on Instagram or Google. However I have a general idea of the types of product I’m looking for, and I intentionally seek out small and independent brands. Personally, I’m a very picky shopper, so I’m extremely selective – focusing on the details and the quality.


What makes What Little Wonder stand out from competitors?
Each and every item is thoughtfully curated and I hone in on certain color palettes that work well across all items in the shop. Our shop makes it easy to mix and match a handful of products to create the perfect gift from various brands. Also, What Little Wonder is unique because as a small shop, we support other small (to mid-sized) independent and mama owned brands in efforts to expose our moms to fresh, new product that they may not find on their own. I feel it’s important as a small shop to support other small brands. I’m also very mindful in offering products at price points that make sense for our customers; babies are expensive and there’s no reason to break the bank just to have cool products for your little one. As our little shop grows and offers more items, we will maintain that “small shop” feel. That’s extremely important, because aside from providing products to our mamas, I want to build and maintain a relationship with our customers.

What is your greatest challenge with running an online clothing shop?
Currently one of my greatest challenges is having to wear so many hats. It’s truly a one woman show and I do it all. From social media to marketing, product to customer service, it can be tough having to juggle so many things at once. None of us are great at everything, so knowing what my strong points are while gaining more knowledge in the areas I can improve on is what allows me to get through those challenging moments. There’s also moments of “what the heck did I get myself into” when things get overwhelming, but having that balance and support system definitely helps ease the blow.

You strive to create a community of mothers who share similar stories and experiences through platforms such as your blog? Why do you think nurturing a community is so important for mothers?
When I started this business, I was a single mom, so I definitely understand the importance of community and what a difference that makes. Honestly, single mom or not, every mother needs support and encouragement to know they’re not alone. The saying, “it takes a village to raise a child” couldn’t be more true. Motherhood can be tough and messy; just knowing what you’re going through or what you’re feeling is normal can make all the difference.

You are a single mom who works full time while running an online business. What have you had to give up to manage your multiple roles?
I recently got married last year, and in addition to my son, I gained three daughters. We’re also excited to be welcoming our newest bundle of joy this summer! I think the biggest sacrifice I’ve had to adjust to is “me time”. After I get off work from my full time job, I still have to be a mom, a wife, and work on the business. Finding time for myself has been more of a challenge, but I’ve learned to get creative. At some point it’s impossible to pour from an empty glass, and knowing what is needed to refuel is so vital to success in both business and in motherhood.

Where do you see What Little Wonder in five years?
In the past two years I’ve seen What Little Wonder grow so much and I hope to continue to see it flourish in ways I can’t even imagine. I’m blown away and encouraged by the amount of support I’ve received thus far, and I hope at some point in the next five years, I can grow the business beyond online. Opening a brick & mortar location will allow the passion that drives this shop to be exemplified and shared with so many moms during one of the most exciting times in their lives.

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Photo Credit: Esther Huynh

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