CEOMOM Book Club

CEOMOM Book Club: Alexia Vernon Is Helping You Amplify Your Voice, Visibility & Influence

Throughout 2018 we saw women use their voices to fight social injustices such as wage inequality and sexual harassment in the workplace. It was the

CEOMOM Book Club: Compelling Bestseller Helps Families Of Missing Children Cope With Unspeakable Grief

Four years ago, Marie White's youngest child was abducted, and in that instant, White's family became one of a frightening statistic. Over two million families in

Fashion & Beauty

Meet Allison Moss: Founder of type:A Deodorant

Making its debut April 2018, type:A deodorant has disrupted the world of clean deodorant. Type:A has taken an innovative approach to clean deodorant through its


6 Profitable Side Hustles You Can Start at Home This Holiday Season

A recent survey by Bankrate revealed that 44 million Americans currently have a side hustle to bring in some extra cash in addition to their 9 to

Empty Nests are Opportunities for Career Flight

August is here and the highways are filling with SUVs packed ceiling-high with bedding, lamps, mini-fridges, duffle bags, headphone-sporting 18 year-olds and Kleenex-clutching parents. It’s