CEOMOM Book Club

CEOMOM Book Club: Alexia Vernon Is Helping You Amplify Your Voice, Visibility & Influence

Throughout 2018 we saw women use their voices to fight social injustices such as wage inequality and sexual harassment in the workplace. It was the

CEOMOM Book Club: Compelling Bestseller Helps Families Of Missing Children Cope With Unspeakable Grief

Four years ago, Marie White's youngest child was abducted, and in that instant, White's family became one of a frightening statistic. Over two million families in

Fashion & Beauty

Camille Rose Celebrates The Iconic Madam C.J. Walker | SELF MADE

Camille Rose is celebrating Women’s History Month by paying homage to Madam C.J. Walker, the trailblazing African American Entrepreneur who built a hair care empire that made her

Parents Corner

How to Discuss Race, Social Justice Activism, and the Media With Children in the Digital Age

THINKING BEYOND COLORBLIND PARENTING Talking about race with kids can be tricky, and many parents simply avoid the subject altogether. "They may be afraid of saying

Resources to Help Your Family Have Fun at Home

With social distancing a critical component in the fight to end the spread of the coronavirus, families are now spending most of their days at