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Kelly Rowland Shares Why Spreading “Black Boy Joy” Starts at Home

Four-time Grammy Award winner, Kelly Rowland, sits down with Jennifer Hudson on the “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” for a fun and candid conversation about motherhood, family roots and spreading Black boy joy.

On the Monday, October 17th episode, the two singers-turned-actresses gushed over their shared film husband, Marlon Wayans, Rowland’s co-star in the Netflix Halloween thriller, “The Curse of Bridge Hollow.” Rowland reveals how her new film led to her “bad parenting moment,” and what Tina Knowles, or “Mama T” as she calls her, had to say about it. After taking her 7-year-old son, Titan, to see “The Curse of Bridge Hollow” and seeing his tearful reaction, Rowland called “Mama T.” Her response, “Well why the hell you do something like that? It’s Halloween, baby. You don’t do that.”

The mother of two sons also tells Jennifer about her kids being polar opposites and whether she has plans to grow her family. When asked about having more kids, Rowland replies, “I’m two and through.” One of the special moments of the interview was Rowland sharing why she celebrates Black boy joy with her son every morning through daily affirmations.

“I want him to know who he is in front of the mirror at home before he goes out into the world.”

View the clip below to hear Rowland’s favorite affirmations for her sons.

Then, Hudson and Rowland relate to each other about their mothers passing away before meeting their sons, and Rowland opens up about discovering her musical family history after reconnecting with her father after 30 years.

When Hudson puts Rowland in the hot seat to answer a few burning questions, the audience gets a glimpse of one of Rowland’s unique talents, her Toni Braxton impression, and learns which Destiny’s Child star she would recruit to commit a crime. Rowland also reveals that she has seven tattoos to Hudson’s surprise.

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Photo Credit: Chris Millard/Warner Bros.

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