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3 Strategies to Survive the Holiday Food Slump

Don’t wait until New Year’s to adapt to a healthier diet.

Here are three strategies to survive the holiday food slump from health change guru Marissa Costonis, Certified Health Coach. Costonis is author of the #1 Best-Selling Amazon book, Change Bites, 5 Change Management Strategies to Transform Your Health.

3 Strategies to Survive the Holiday Food Slump

1. Create a Holiday Health VisionEnvision today how you want to feel on January 2nd.

  • Did you have energy for the holidays or were you exhausted?
  • Were you present for your children and family instead of going through the motions?
  • Did you look and feel confident by New Year’s?
  • Was your previous health progress all for nothing or did you at least maintain the status quo?

2. Make a Plan. The desire to eat somewhat healthy over the holidays is simply not enough. You need a specific plan of action to make it a reality.

  • List It. Create a snack list, fridge and freezer list and pantry must-haves to make a quick meal anytime. Set-up a standing, weekly food delivery between now and January so you are always prepared. Spend a little extra on pre-cut veggies or ready to go ingredients (i.e., frozen quinoa, brown rice, veggie burgers, grilled chicken strips) to avoid take-out.
  • Use apps to track food and water (i.e., YAZIO, MyFitnessPal, LifeSUM) as a way to check-in with yourself.
  • Plan ahead. Make and freeze some meals now like a batch of veggie chili or pot of soup. Find out what the food situation is before you go out. Eat before you leave if necessary or offer to bring something to the party that fits your food preferences. Do not show up at a party starving unless you know there are some good options for you.Adjust recipes. Perhaps two sticks of butter or two cups of sugar isn’t necessary in your favorite recipe. Adjust your current recipes or try something new this season.

3. Find Your Tribe. Finding your “tribe” of supporters throughout the holiday is a proven recipe for success.

  • Team up with others in your circle of family and friends for support and accountability.
  • Talk to those close to you and explain specifically how they can help you. They want to help but need to know how.
  • Lean on your virtual tribe. Keep up discussions on Facebook pages aligned with your eating style or health problem (keto, paleo, gluten-free, diabetes) for support.

Find a happy medium between maintaining a strict diet and a food free-for-all to ensure your holiday health vision becomes a reality.

Marissa Costonis is the health change guru. She is owner of Change Bites, LLC and a Certified Health Coach by Institute for Integrative Nutrition who helps people make easy changes in their eating habits one bite at a time, whether food is the culprit or the cure. She spent over a decade in change management consulting leading a variety of change initiatives around the world. When she developed neuropathy and several health problems began to pile up, Costonis was forced to completely change her diet. Overwhelmed and confused, she began to apply all the leading change models and frameworks to simplify her own health transformation with great success. The “5 Bites to Health” process was born. Today Costonis conducts individual and group coaching programs, workshops and enjoys guest-speaking engagements to share her unique approach and support others in their journey to health.

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Photo Credit: Brooke Lark

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