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Meet Dr. Krystal Conner: She’s Helping Women Live the Life They Deserve

Dr. Krystal Conner has a diverse career that includes being a leader in business, a coach, a speaker, a teacher and a trainer. She has helped grow her family’s business in the male dominated construction industry, but desired to build her own empire and empower other women to do the same. With a passion to help women live out their purpose, Conner created #HipWomen. CEOMOM interviewed Conner to learn more about her work to empower and equip women and her personal journey to discover her own purpose.

I used to drive myself crazy trying to equally balance my life. Now instead of trying to equally balance life, I’ve learned to tilt!

Who is Dr. Krystal Conner?
I am a child of God, a wife, a mother and a business owner. There was a time where I would have started with all of my credentials, but I have learned that my identity isn’t in accomplishments.

Tell us about Krystal Conner Consulting. What do you do and who do you serve?
K. Conner Consulting is a full service coaching, speaking and facilitating/teaching consulting firm that caters to individuals and groups as well as corporations. Our aim is to assist our clients in discovering who they are so that they are fully empowered to operate in their purpose.

We focus mainly on women and Millennials. Our signature programs include #HipWomen and Influencer University (IU). #HipWomen is a group coaching program designed to help women walk in their purpose. IU is a group of programs and courses specifically for Millennial men and women. We have Millennial Masterminds, Millennial Meetups, and our signature program #Purposed. #Purposed is a 12 week course that assists young men and women in understanding their purpose, and then equipping them with practical advice on how to successfully and efficiently operate in it. We have an amazing faculty of experts in fields like networking, communication, strategic planning, personal finance, and relationships that work with and guide the students.

Your diverse career includes being a leader in the construction industry. How did your career in construction begin? How have you overcome the barriers of being in a male dominated industry?
My father started ENVIRO AgScience, Inc. 34 years ago, as a landscape/grounds maintenance firm. As the company became more successful, and began moving in construction, I realized that I wanted to be a part of the family legacy. I wanted to see if I could help the company realize even more exponential growth. The idea of being a female in a non-traditional industry was a challenge to me. I wanted to be an example for my daughter, and other young women, to show them that women are capable of whatever they put their minds too.

There really is no way to talk your way out of the glaring barriers that exist for women in construction. It’s reality, and to pretend otherwise doesn’t change it. My mother always says “I can show you better than I can tell you!” I have adopted that attitude, and it keeps me focused on performing and delivering, not trying to prove myself.

With a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a background in construction how has your career evolved into coaching, speaking, teaching and training?
I found myself at a crossroads not too long ago. I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my God given purpose and set out to discover exactly what that was. I started by praying and getting brutally honest with myself. While I love working with the family company and will always work to keep it growing and thriving, it wasn’t my creation. It wasn’t my dream that started the company. I realized that my true passion was assisting other women in their journey to discovering their purpose. I started the company out of a true desire to see women empowered and operating at their maximum potential.

You started HIP Women to help women live out God’s purpose for their lives. What inspired you to start HIP Women? What are some ways the program empowers women?
#HipWomen came from my own personal healing journey. #HipWomen stands for Healing through your Identity in Christ and walking in Purpose. I spent at least two years in my own coaching journey just dealing with past hurt, pain, and disappointments. It wasn’t until I realized who I was in Christ, that I was able to deal with, and heal from all of the things that had happened to me during my life with the understanding that God had a plan for me. I was finally able to deal with the rejection, anger, bitterness, and unworthiness at the root cause- versus dealing with it on a surface level. Once I was able to do that, and experience true healing, I could clearly see and hear what my purpose in life was. The freedom that I felt after having done the work to experience healing was one that I wanted every single woman to feel.

#HipWomen empowers women to finally deal with their past hurt and pain, negative generational cycles, as well as finally silencing the self-defeating, self-limiting mindsets that have stalled them and trapped them in the same patterns year after year. It empowers women to then turn around and empower another woman. It is a community of love, support, and accountability.

As a woman of many roles, you believe it is essential to empower and educate other moms on how to have it all. What does having it all mean to you? What is your formula for managing career and family?
“Having it all” to me means that I am operating in a way that is pleasing to God. It doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, but to me it means that I am equipped to deal with whatever comes my way.

Managing career and family comes down to being present in the moment. Whether it be at work or at home, be fully present where you are. I try and make sure that my work doesn’t interfere with my time with my family. When I’m at work though, I am working. Sometimes that means waking up before everyone else and going to bed after everyone else. I used to drive myself crazy trying to equally balance my life. Now instead of trying to equally balance life, I’ve learned to tilt!

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