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Meet Lisa Guice: Author and Self Relationship Expert

Lisa Guice believes that all women have the power to realize and live out their greatness. As an author and Self Relationship Expert, Guice works to empower and equip women and young girls with the tools and knowledge they need to discover their self worth and identity. CEOMOM caught up with Guice to learn more about her work to transform lives through her various organizations, programs and book.

Who is Lisa Guice?
Lisa Guice is America’s number one Self Relationship Expert™ and an international speaker who partners with CEO’s, entrepreneurs and those looking for personal and professional breakthroughs. More importantly, she is the wife to her high school sweetheart, mother to two amazing kids and a woman on a mission to change the narrative of women looking to create and leave legacies.

What is a Self Relationship Expert? What do you do and who do you serve?
A Self Relationship Expert is someone who teaches individuals the power of true connection between their self- actualization and self-belief. I teach and ignite women to leap, leverage and monetize the greatness that is within them through the partnership of personal and business development. My coaching programs position, arm and prepare women to seize opportunities and move on their ideas, thus creating and leaving legacies for their children.

Lisa Guice book cover w white backgroundYou wrote “You’re Just a Quote Away from Your Greatness” to provide tools and strategies to help others realize their greatness. What is the strategy for getting started on the road to greatness?
The first step on the road to greatness is being honest with yourself about what has taken you so long to move forward. That means looking in the mirror and acknowledging that you have possessed the power all along. Determine and revisit the moment you handed your power to others and reclaim it. Go back and pick up the pieces of yourself that you left behind every time you allowed others to label you. That first step entails having the courage to put your needs and desires first. Be bold and say, “I now know that there is greatness inside of me and anyone who can’t support me will be moved from the front row to the balcony in the theatre of my life.

Tell us about Prettie Girl (PG). What is the program? What inspired you to start Prettie Girl (PG)? Share with us one of your success stories from the program.
Prettie Girl™ is a company I started to help create emotionally healthy girls. I developed self-esteem building and leadership programs that every girl needs as she discovers who she is. On this journey I began to realize that Prettie Girl was my moment of truth. It was the broken bridge to my greatness. It was my moment of courage to go back and pick up the pieces I left behind as a young girl uncertain about who she was. It was all the tears I shed and all the healing I desired. Prettie Girl will always be my baby because she unleashed the CEOMOM beast you see today.

Prettie Girl’s inspiration came from my daughter’s bout with bullying and watching her self-esteem plummet. I had self-esteem issues as a young girl so I recognized the signs in my daughter. I put her in a mentoring program for divas in training. After becoming close to the founder, I started sharing my ideas for the program. The founder loved my ideas and encouraged me to use my gifts to start my own organization. It took some time for me to digest the new path for my life, but with my daughter at the forefront we teamed up with school districts and hosted self-acceptance workshops, as well as summer empowerment and bullying prevention camps.

One summer a shy girl from India entered our camp. On the first day she wouldn’t say a word or participate. She would just listen and complete the camp’s workbook pages. After class as we were waiting for her dad to arrive, my daughter and I started playing our “I love myself” ball toss game. My daughter threw the ball to the young lady and encouraged her to play. By the time her dad arrived we were all laughing and having a good time. For the remaining days of the camp she was energetic, engaged and turned out to be our star camper. When camp was over her dad told me about the changes he had seen in his daughter in the short time. He thanked us for all that we had done to help his daughter and said that he wanted us to work with his other eight children. He booked us for twelve months of private coaching with his kids. I can’t begin to tell you the satisfaction we received from helping that amazing family. Their mom had died and the dad was doing all that he could to hold things together. We always hear about the lengths a mom will go to make sure her kids are alright. Well this dad was ready to do whatever it took to soften the blow of his children losing their mother. It was a beautiful lesson in life for us all.

Describe the heart behind Women Reign (we are Sisters in Greatness). Where do you see Prettie Girl (PG) and Women Reign in five years?
The heart behind Women Reign™ came from my Prettie Girl moms. As with any business you develop relationships with your customers. After witnessing the growth in their daughters, my Prettie Girl moms started asking if I was ever going to do anything with women. My immediate response was “No, I’m all about the girls.” However, I realized that working with the girls was just a small component of the healing needed. If the reinforcement didn’t come from the moms or if the moms didn’t possess the capability to pour into their daughters as needed, what I had given them would be undone. Arming the moms had to be an option. I knew God was up to something so I prayed for clarity and direction. My answer was clear, it was time to help women heal, dream and reign so that they could be the example their daughters needed. Women Reign™ (We are Sisters in Greatness) was created. I created a Facebook group and started hosting monthly meetings that provided weekly coaching, support and direction for women looking to reign over every area in their lives. In addition they have access to my programs which focus on women elevating their possibilities. Whether they are taking my programs Partnering with your Inner-Critic™, Leap, Launch, Legacy™, Powered to Profit™, taking group/private coaching or attending my events, there is something that fits the needs of all women at any level.

In five years, I would love to see my daughter who is now a college business law student running Prettie Girl™, pouring into other girls all that has been poured into her, and expanding on its mission. As for Women Reign™ (We are Sisters in Greatness) I would like to see women from all over the world coming together to uplift, support and be an example for one another, showing that we are powerful and our greatness will not be denied.

Catch up with Lisa Guice at and on all social media, @iamlisaguice.

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