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Reflecting on the Unforgettable Moments at Mommi’s Day Out Brunch

As the vibrant energy of Mommi’s Day Out brunch begins to settle, Sisters and founders of TGND Consulting and Mommi Hustle™, Donna Morris and Dwayna Williams, are overwhelmed with gratitude for every person who joined the celebration of motherhood.

“From heartfelt conversations to joyous laughter, the event was filled with moments that will forever hold a special place in our hearts,” says Williams.

The Mommi’s Day Out brunch had a very simple mission: to create a space where moms could connect, empower one another, and bask in the beauty of sisterhood according to the attendees, the mission was completed. Throughout the day, moms from all walks of life came together, sharing stories, and forming genuine connections beyond just being at the event!

“When I tell you, you must be in the room next year!” says Amber Spence, one of the attendees. “ It was amazing to have boss moms from all walks of life together. I walked away with insight and feeling refreshed.”

Martine Shannon also shared that she had a great time. “This amazing event was so inspiring,” she recalls. “I got to bond with so many women. I’m looking forward to connecting and attending more Mommi Hustle events in the future.”

The roundtable panel discussions were a highlight of the afternoon. They offered valuable perspectives from moms and career-driven women. Topics ranged from work-life balance to self-care, well-being, and career goals. Entrepreneurship sparked meaningful conversations and left attendees feeling empowered and motivated to pursue their dreams.

BrownStyle Magazine was a proud media sponsor of the Mommi’s Day Out brunch along with CEOMOM Magazine. “As a mom of three, I understand the importance of a village, especially one that shares in the same mission to raise a good family, while also making our dreams come true,” says Heather Elitou, Sr. Managing Editor of BrownStyle Magazine. “It was truly an honor to participate in the sisterly event.”

“I had a blast. Being around other moms who are business owners or working moms has been inspirational. We understand shared struggles. It was so motivating and empowering. Moms gotta come to the next one; I know I will.” – Ashley Boti

Other sponsors of the event included: LYS™ Beauty, JurNey Med Spa, Black Girl Sunscreen, Natural Mermaid Spa, Ohhs, Sweet Stacey’s, Mink and Lashes, Mode Total Wellness, and Framed By Lo.

“We are excited to continue our journey of empowering and uplifting moms through future events, resources, and initiatives,” says Williams. “Together, we will create a world where every mom feels supported, celebrated, and empowered to thrive.”

She continues, “Thanks again to everyone who made the Mommi’s Day Out brunch memorable. Until next time, let’s continue to uplift and empower each other on this beautiful journey called motherhood.”

Check out the beautiful images from the event.