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Naomi Osaka Opens Up About Her Baby Daughter, Shai, And The Highs And Lows Of Being a New Mom

In a special edition of the talk series “Can’t Wait to Hear from You” in honor of World Mental Health Month, four-time Grand Slam singles champion Naomi Osaka engaged in a candid one-on-one conversation with U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek H. Murthy. The episode, produced by Naomi’s Emmy Award-nominated media company, Hana Kuma, in partnership with Modern Health, delved into various aspects of Naomi’s life and mental health, as well as Dr. Murthy’s perspective on reforming the mental health system.

Naomi Osaka, who recently became a first-time mom to her baby daughter, Shai, shared the joys and stresses of motherhood, emphasizing her wish for Shai’s future to be marked by kindness, love, and positivity. She also opened up about the pressure she feels as a woman of color in the world of professional sports and how she’s learning to focus on her own goals and opinions rather than external pressures.

Watch the full conversation between Naomi Osaka and Dr. Vivek H. Murthy on these important topics in the video below.

“In the last few years, I’ve come to understand the power of vulnerability and asking for help, which is why I was so drawn to the idea of a video platform series featuring open conversations about mental health,” said Naomi Osaka. “Since speaking out about my own personal mental health struggles, I’ve heard from countless people telling me how powerful it was to embrace my vulnerabilities, and sharing my own journey has helped others feel less shame when discussing their own mental health. And as I enter this next chapter of life as a mom, with the new stresses and challenges that come with it, I’m determined to continue having these honest conversations and hope it will encourage and empower others to do the same.”

In discussing how she finds joy in her life, Naomi highlighted the importance of connecting with friends, watching adorable pet videos, and savoring comfort foods that evoke pleasant memories from her childhood, like sushi.

Dr. Murthy revealed that his motivation to reform the mental health system is deeply rooted in ensuring that children, including his own, don’t experience the shame of seeking help when needed and that support is readily available. He emphasized the importance of being a positive role model for children and having direct conversations with them about their feelings and emotions.

The conversation between Naomi Osaka and Dr. Vivek H. Murthy offered valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of life, mental health, and the need for a more open and supportive approach to addressing these issues. Both shared their personal experiences and perspectives, contributing to a meaningful discussion on mental well-being.

About Hana Kuma
Hana Kuma is an Emmy-nominated full-service media company co-founded by Naomi Osaka and her longtime agent and business partner, Stuart Duguid. Rooted by their name, which means “flower bear” in Japanese, Hana Kuma draws inspiration from Osaka’s Haitian, Japanese, and American upbringing. The media company stays grounded in universally enjoyable themes while exploring juxtapositions across cultures, exposing audiences to an expanded worldview. Hana Kuma is focused on telling honest and joyful stories that tackle important issues in society while disrupting the default across scripted, unscripted, podcasts, anime manga, branded, fashion, sports, culture, and digital content. Founded in 2022, Hana Kuma recently spun off from LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s The SpringHill Co, which helped incubate the media company.

About Modern Health
Modern Health is a comprehensive global mental health solution offering employees access to one-on-one, group, and self-serve digital resources for their emotional, professional, social, financial, and physical well-being needs – all within a single platform. To support members, Modern Health has access to a global network of more than 86,000 licensed therapists and certified coaches in over 200 countries and 80+ languages. Whether someone wants to proactively manage stress or treat depression, Modern Health guides people to the right care at the right time. Modern Health empowers companies to help all their employees be the best version of themselves and believes in meeting people wherever they are in their mental health journey.

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