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Family Movie Night Mastery: Tips for Choosing Films Everyone Will Love

Movie night at home is a great way for families to bond. However, whether at home or in theaters, choosing a movie that everyone enjoys can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Sometimes, it may be easy, especially when the latest film on streaming sites is one the entire family has eagerly anticipated since the trailer’s release. Other times, it may be challenging because everyone has different movie tastes or the age range of your family members varies. 

It may be helpful to have a system in place so that you can get through the entire process as seamlessly as possible, and get to the fun part, movie-watching. If you’re not quite sure where to start, here are some tips to help your family select the right movie so that everyone is happy.

Age Range

A primary concern for parents when selecting a family movie is ensuring it is appropriate for everyone. Families want to make sure they’re making all the right choices when selecting a movie since young children may not be able to handle certain movie scenes well. It helps to understand film ratings and how they apply to your chosen movie.

On your quest to bypass movies that have adult themes or even scary ones, you can get a full synopsis of the movie online before you sit down as a family to watch. No one wants to be in the middle of a movie only to end up disappointed by what they see or realize it isn’t suitable for the entire family. Reduce the potential for disappointment by getting all the facts about the movie upfront.

Since you want to choose a film that offers something for the whole family, selecting movies that have a lot of humor, or subtle and blatant life lessons is always good. When it comes to figuring out where to stream the movies, there are many great paid and free options available to families. Be careful with some of the popular free options such as 123movies. Make sure any free streaming sites you use aren’t violating any copyright laws. Check out 123movies alternatives to see some great streaming options for movie night. 

Take Turns When Choosing

A great idea is to have everybody take turns in choosing movies. This takes the burden off you as a parent. 

Just follow the guidelines for film selection. Once you lay the foundation, the person who’s in charge can make a good choice. 

Everybody will get involved at some point. You will find that people will watch a movie they may not have chosen because they know that next time their own personal preferences will be catered to.

Put a Bucket List Together

Creating a movie bucket list lets everyone throw their hat into the ring. By compiling a gigantic list of films across various genres, styles, and interests, you create a go-to resource for future movie nights.

Not every one of the movies you watch will be enjoyable and this is a good thing. You can make note of the extremely good ones and make plans to rewatch them. This can also be a catalyst to help you make other everyday activities and holidays such as Valentine’s Day, a part of your family movie traditions.

Talk About It

Once the movie is over, you should all use ‘the gift of gab’ to talk about what you saw, the low points, and the high points. Ask each family member questions about the plot and the movie. Determine if this is a new family staple or one you vow to never watch again.

You can also use movie night as an educational opportunity. Discuss the history of movies or, if relevant, the history of the movie you’re watching. Fun facts such as the history of popcorn in theaters, can create a sense of bonding, until the next time everyone snuggles up for movie night.

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