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Pausing to Thrive: The Essential Break for Working Moms with Businesses

As working moms, our lives are often defined by a controlled chaos of constant movement and frequent activities, with few pauses. Every family member has somewhere to be or something to do. When we’re constantly in “go mode,” it’s often difficult to hear our own thoughts or evaluate our routines to determine the best time to pause, or what is working versus what needs to change altogether. This often leads to burnout.

In the whirlwind of balancing work and family, taking an extended break can feel like a distant dream, especially for working moms with their own businesses. Yet, stepping back is sometimes not just beneficial but necessary for rejuvenation and perspective. Sometimes our break is from everything; other times, it’s from certain aspects of our lives. The goal is to pause long enough to reevaluate and rejuvenate. We aim to REST, not QUIT.

The Beauty of a Break

Extended breaks allow deep reflection, helping to reevaluate priorities and goals. They provide the mental space to nurture creativity and innovation, which can lead to improved business strategies and personal growth.

Preparing for a Break

1. Plan Ahead: Set a timeline for your break, ensuring business operations can run smoothly in your absence.
2. Delegate: Empower your team by delegating responsibilities, providing them with a chance to grow and proving the business can sustain itself.
3. Automate and Systemize: Implement systems and automation tools to handle routine tasks, maintaining productivity even when you’re away.

Knowing When to Return

Returning from a break should feel natural, not forced. When you start missing your work and feeling excited about implementing new ideas, it’s a sign you’re ready. However, ensure you’re truly refreshed and your return aligns with your business’s needs and cycles.

Tips for Returning from an Extended Break:

1. Reconnect Gradually: Ease back into work by starting with a lighter schedule and gradually increasing your workload.
2. Evaluate and Adjust: Reflect on your break experiences to identify any new perspectives or changes you want to implement in your business.
3. Communicate: Update your team and clients about your return, sharing any new insights or directions for the business.
4. Prioritize Self-Care: Continue to incorporate elements of your break that contributed to your well-being.
5. Set Clear Goals: Define clear, manageable objectives to focus your efforts and maintain the rejuvenated spirit from your break.

Taking time off is essential for mental and physical health, and business vitality. It’s a strategic move that can lead to a more balanced life and sustainable business growth. How long that break can and should be is up to you, the vitality of your business, and your individual needs and capabilities. Whether for a few days, months, or longer, step away for a refreshed YOU.