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Fun for their Noodle and Lets Creativity Doodle

Kadoodle Kids, a new crafts brand for children created to inspire imagination and creativity, is debuting its first product line: four specially themed kits that let kids design masks for themselves and their toys. Featuring markers, glitter pens, pouches and paint stampers, the kits are the perfect way to spark imagination and artistic play for children in the age of COVID. Now available for sale at, the series includes the holiday-themed “Color a Mask Chanukah Kit,” which comes with two dreidels, and “Color a Mask Christmas Kit,” featuring a mini-stocking mask holder. Also available are “Doll/ Stuffie and Me” kits, available in unicorn or dinosaur sets. Created by three mothers, Kadoodle Kids offers fun, educational and tactile experiences that get them away from phone, computer and television screens for hours.

“Kadoodle Kids lets children’s imaginations shine,” said Jodi Okun, a seasoned retailer. “It’s a creative outlet for kids. There are easy art projects they can complete on their own or with a parent.”

Kadoodle Kids Color A Mask Kits

“It’s a great opportunity for them to put down their phones and gadgets and go back to playing,” said Lyss Stern, an entrepreneur who lives in NYC with her husband and three kids. “Kadoodle Kids’ masks allow children to use their brains, creativity, fine motor skills and express their emotions through decoration and design. Plus, as kids get more engrossed in playing with the kits, mom and dad get a rest and peace of mind that their children are engaged in something meaningful.”

Added  Pam Mandell, a mom of two and speech language pathologist with 20 years of experience working with kids: “Children need an outlet to let their imaginations roam free without pressure from the outside world … where they can be comfortable in being themselves and complete art activities on their own. These projects will enable children to believe in themselves and their own abilities, and build confidence for the future.”

The mask kits are the ideal presents for kids this yuletide season and are reasonably priced. Both holiday kits, available in toddler, child and tween sizes, are on sale for $19.99 while “Doll/ Stuffie & Me” kits, available in toddler and child sizes, are $29.99. Additional masks are $8.

Providing children with activities that allow for creativity and self-expression during the pandemic is especially important to the women, who have witnessed first-hand the effects of shutdowns and social distancing. Kids are away from their friends, familiar routines, daily exercise and are dependent on computers and phones for human contact outside the home. “Kadoodle Kids brings them happiness in a very unsettling time,” says Stern.

Stern has taken solace in seeing how her daughter has interacted with the Kadoodle Kids kits. “I hear her talking to her dolls about COVID, the pandemic, and why she and the dolls have to wear the masks. It can make your heart melt.”

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