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5 Style Tips To Save Money On Winter Clothing

When it comes to winter fashion, layering is the new darling. The cold season offers a world of opportunities to play around with textures, layers, patterns, and colors. You can mix and match for a playful, whimsical appearance or tone it down for an elegant, minimalistic ambiance. Layering allows you to reimagine your existing wardrobe and use what you already have to revamp your style while saving money. Here are some style tips to follow to make sure you are radiant in your unique layering fashion.

Go for Monochrome But Mix the Texture

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In the world of CEO attires, black and grey are kings and monochrome rules. However, dressing from head-to-toe in one color is rarely flattering or elegant. In order to pull this off, you need to play around with different shades of grey. If you are only going for black, you must use the power of different textures to your advantage. Layering with unlike fabrics will add depth and dimension to your clothes and accentuate the look. Winter lends itself to layering with heavy and soft textures. For instance, you can blend wool with silk or cotton with leather.

Use Your Jackets and Blazers as a Middle Layer

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Contrary to what you might expect, layering does not determine which of your clothes should be a top or a middle layer. Make the difference, and give your existing attires a completely new look using your jackets and leather blazers as a middle layer. As long as they are not too thick, you could use such clothing and layer it with a heavier set coat on top. And voila! You have entirely reimagined your look and saved money while doing it!

How About Some Double Knits?

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When the weather gets chilly, double knits can serve a dual function: keeping you warm and layering in style. Explore your knits selection and mix and match for different styles. Create unique looks without spending a dime. Choose the same colors in various shades and match a shorter, lighter knit with a longer, heavier one. Alternatively, match patterns or mix textures for a unique style. Always ensure that at least one of your knits is light; otherwise, you run the risk of hiding your figure and looking too bulky and unattractive.

Secure Layers With A Belt

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Layering can be fun and classy, but it is easy to get out of hand and make you look too heavy set and unappealing. You can keep all these layers and accentuate your figure by keeping everything cinched at the waist. A belt can turn any dull look into a glamorous one, and when used to keep all these layers neatly tied around your waist, you have succeeded in looking dazzling! Invest in a classic belt, or go bold and daring with a golden one to add an alluring element to a minimalistic, monochromatic appeal.

Embrace The Beauty Of Pashminas

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Stay warm in style with an oversized pashmina to create the illusion of layering. Use a brightly colored one in the vibrant Moroccan style and add a bold touch to your otherwise monochromatic look. Use these contrasts in colors to add some pizzazz to your already existing wardrobe. No need to spend money, just reimagine your pashminas and your oversized scarves. Drape them around your shoulders, or let them hang loose. Whatever you choose, it is definitely a style tip worth trying.

Spend Less, Look Glamorous

You don’t have to spend big to look glamorous. Layering allows you to discover old garments and reinvent them in a completely new look. Shop the upcoming Black Friday sales for unique pieces that will accentuate your layer game. Alternatively, layer with spring shirts or fall attire, and keep yourself warmer with the versatility of a scarf. Whatever you do, embrace your own style. Do not just copy the look; make it your own because layering is the season’s new must.

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