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Conscious Couture: Fashion Fights Human Trafficking

The Conscious Couture Resale Event was in June, but the fight to end human trafficking continues. That’s if founder, Erica Molett, has any say. The combination of high fashion and a great cause attracted elite fashion bloggers, reality tv stars and news personalities, all dedicated to helping alleviate human trafficking. CEOMOM had the privilege of attending the Conscious Couture Resale Event on June 18 at the Lofty Spaces in Dallas, Texas. Conscious Couture allowed over 120 attendees to shop for upscale items from the closets of fashionistas such as LeeAnne Locken of the Real Housewives of Dallas, Jeanette Chivvis of ChivviStyles, and Style Boss Nikki Hurd of Be Styled, Be Hurd and CW33. Nikki, who is a fashion commentator for CW33, teaches the value of individual style. “Fashion is what’s trending. Style is who you are, Hurd says.”


The featured designer, Ese Azenabor, who fuses vintage, African, Egyptian, and contemporary European influences, had a sample sale that allowed shoppers to purchase luxurious ready-to-wear pieces. You could also get your eyebrows waxed, hear from experts in business and social entrepreneurship, receive a makeover and meet other amazing women who are as passionate about impacting the community as they are about fashion.

Left to right: Style Boss Nicole Regan, Founder Erica Molett, Style Boss Michelle Carranza, Style Boss Nikki Hurd, Style Boss Sayra Carpenter, Style Boss Samantha Stewart

CEOMOM asked Style Boss, Samantha Stewart of Style of Sam, why she chose to get involved with Conscious Couture. “I do love fashion, but I feel like if you can do something great, then you should. The purpose behind it is just amazing. As Erica said, “Every woman should get to choose who she loves.””

Surrounded by exquisite fashion from couture dresses to high-end handbags to exclusive jewelry designs, there was an element of excitement and joy in the atmosphere that could be felt by everyone. Conscious Couture promised to connect the everyday woman with supreme style and they did not disappoint. “Fashion is a perfect expression of freedom, says Erica.” Erica’s desire to stop human trafficking among young girls locally and abroad is filled with passion. “I deserve to decide who will enjoy my body. I decide what I wear everyday, when I wake up and what I want to do for the day. To have young ladies not able to have that freedom, it’s so sad. We as women have to stand up for each other.” Read CEOMOM’s inspirational interview with Erica Molett in our September issue.

Twenty percent of the net proceeds from the Conscious Couture Resale Event benefited non-profit organizations fighting human trafficking, such as Chain Reaction. Founded by David and Liney Chacko, Chain Reaction provides spiritual, practical and educational support for underage victims of human trafficking in countries such as Cambodia and Indonesia. Learn more about Liney and Chain Reaction in the September issue of CEOMOM Magazine.

Visit and to see how you can get involved in the fight against human trafficking.

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