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2016 Summer Trends You Should Follow

Summer means cool clothing, pastel colors, beaches and relaxation. It’s the season when people wind down and getaway from the everyday norm. With the introduction of hot weather comes trends that allow you to be effortlessly chic. Let’s face it. Not every trend is worth following. The new choker trend popularized by celebrities and the chunky sandal are two we won’t be trying anytime soon. Here are 5 summer trends that you should definitely give a shot. Not only are they trendy, but they are versatile and will bring out the fashionista in all of us.



What says summer more than vibrant color? Whether it’s a bright yellow such as canary or a darker yellow such as mustard, yellow should definitely be in your wardrobe for Summer 2016! Add white jeans or denim shorts and flats to a yellow top for a cool, casual look.

Slip Dress


Summer is the season that your wardrobe should be effortless without compromising style. After all, it’s the time of the year where you want to relax more and stress less. The simple, yet chic slip dress allows you to do that. Keep it simple with nude shoes and statement earrings to add flair.

Off the Shoulder


If we were ranking summer trends, the off the shoulder look would be at the top. This one stems from Spring 2016 runways and we are glad about it. It’s a trend that adds drama to your wardrobe. Where over-sized sleeves or waterfall ruffles for a standout look or keep it simple with a bodysuit.

Floral Prints


Nothing combines chic and classic better than floral print. It has become a staple in designs to add a feminine element to any wardrobe from shoes to dresses. The variety of colors allow you to contrast to add depth to your or to bring out a particular color to your ensemble. Floral designs are more popular in spring, but we believe they work for summer as well.

Denim Shorts


We consider this one an oldie, but goodie. Denim shorts have been around for decades due to their versatility and effortless nature. You can keep it casual and basic with a graphic tee and sneakers or dress them up with a linen blouse and wedges. Let’s face it. Denim shorts can go with anything.

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