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Four Tips to Embrace the Beauty of the Fall & the Craziness of 2020

Fall is my favorite season. The weather is perfect; it’s not too hot or too cold. The colors are warm and inviting, full of various shades of red, orange and yellow. The crisp sound of the leaves under your feet provides fun and laughter for kids and adults young at heart. The fashion is defined by high boots, scarves, blazers and hats. How could one not love fall?

This year has been one for the ages. For many of us, we see fall as another season that may bring the unpredictability of COVID, economic hardship and social injustice. Although 2020 has been full of trials, we have also experienced new opportunities that only come from hardship. New businesses and products have been formed, our children are learning how to thrive in chaos, and we have found more efficient and cost-effective ways to communicate, and work. We have also been forced to evaluate our systems at home and in our communities.

Now is the time to leverage our new capabilities to realize a season of more. CEOMOM is sharing four things you should be doing this fall as we close out 2020.

    1. Conduct personal and professional audits. When we hear or see the word audit, we think of the IRS or all things finances. Did you know that you can do an audit for things not related to accounting? An audit is a methodical examination and review. It’s an opportunity to gather information to determine the effectiveness and accuracy of a system, program, group or other entity. Take an audit of your business and home to determine what has worked and what needs to change. Pay attention to any new processes or systems as a result of the pandemic that you should continue to implement. For example, does your updated daily schedule work better than your previous one? Are there any new online programs that have worked better than others? Look at these areas: scheduling, extracurricular activities, processes, etc to see what is working and what isn’t.

    2. Keep. Eliminate. Improve. Once you have done your audit and made a note or list of what is working and what isn’t, now is the time to keep what is working, eliminate what isn’t and improve what you’ve decided to keep. We are all familiar with the concept of spring cleaning, but getting rid of excess during the fall season can be more effective, because it helps reduce unneeded items before the new year begins. Simply put, if it’s working keep it. If it isn’t, don’t.

    3. Create new ways to engage your tribe. We’re all communicating in new ways. From Zoom to other video conferencing platforms to online forums to social media to chat apps, we have access to each other more now than ever. Although some of the platforms have been around for a while, others are new altogether or just new to us. Either way, it’s not just about the platforms, it’s the way we use them to connect to our tribe. Our tribe consists of our customers, our clients, our colleagues, and our collaborators. These are people we should be communicating with regularly. Now is the time to find creative and innovative ways to engage, connect and respond. Consider starting a new challenge, create a chat that is focused on a particular topic, start a book club, monthly group calls, etc. Look at how you’re currently engaging and update your methods.
    4. Try something new. This year has been all about unfamiliarity and newness, however, it was forced upon us. Use this fall as a chance to try something new that is not connected to the pandemic. Step outside of your comfort zone to go somewhere new, take up a new hobby, create something new for your business and/or family or learn a new skill or craft. Do something that is not about what is going on around you, but is just about YOU.


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