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National Initiatives for Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month, and the National Headache Foundation is taking this opportunity to shine a light on the millions of Americans who suffer in silence by collecting stories from across the country at

Over 35 million Americans suffer from migraine and headache. Unfortunately, headache is an invisible disease, due to its ability to cause people who suffer from it to feel isolated and alone. Through the You Are Not Alone initiative, the National Headache Foundation hopes to raise awareness and help further research and treatment options available.

Share Your Story
Anyone who suffers from headache or migraine is invited to share their story at, either through words or video. Each entry will be on display for others to read and share, ending the cycle of silence. These stories will remain live after June, serving as an ongoing source of comfort and community.

Featured Days
The full headache, migraine and cluster communities are working together to plan a successful Migraine & Headache Awareness Month, coming together for this year’s theme: You Are Not Alone.

One June 2, landmarks throughout the country will light up purple to commemorate the month. Additionally, there are a number of campaigns planned for a variety of days, such as:
June 4 – Headache Diseases in the Workplace
June 6 – Veterans & Headache Diseases
June 9 – Disability & Headache Diseases
June 10 – Pediatric Headache Awareness
June 15 – Cluster Awareness Day
June 16 – Hemiplegic Migraine Awareness Day
June 17 – Men & Headache Diseases
June 25 – Survivors Day (Recognizing Depression & Suicide Related to Headache Diseases)
June 28 – Headache Disease Research (Start of AHS Scientific Meeting)
June 29 – Chronic Migraine Awareness Day (Historically Established Day)
June 30 – Caregiver Appreciation Day

About National Headache Foundation
The National Headache Foundation has furthered awareness of headache and migraine as legitimate neurobiological diseases for the past 48 years. They collect the most comprehensive information on headache and migraine and connect with patients, who have just begun to seek treatment or those who are looking for more options. Visit for more information.

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