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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Adriana Hummel of Sweet Peas Co.

One look at these gorgeous turbans by the Sweet Peas Company and it’s obvious why they are a part of our holiday must haves. They are chic, comfortable and functional for both mom and baby. Who wouldn’t want to dress their baby girl in these plethora of colors and designs. CEOMOM spoke with founder of Sweet Peas, Adriana Hummel, about what makes their turbans so special.

Facetune_09-10-2018-22-59-10What inspired you to start Sweet Peas? 
After I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in radio/television/film, I got a job at the Discovery Channel. I was working for the media channel when they laid off 100 people and I was a part of that layoff. I was pregnant and confused. I didn’t know if I wanted to go after a real job or go after my real dream which was to be an entrepreneur. After I had my daughter I was having fun dressing her up. I noticed that the hairbows were leaving marks and she would pull them off. When we would go out people would confuse her for a boy because she didn’t have bows or earrings. I thought, there must be something I can do besides have her wear pink. I made the head wraps and other people started asking me to make their head wraps. From there I started the business.

What makes Sweet Peas turbans stand out from competitors? 
You can distinguish our turbans by the donut shaped knot and we provide the softest and most breathable material. Our turbans are hand sewn and are made to be as comfortable as possible. It’s like they’re not there. We have sizes from newborn to adult. We recently came out with a fall collection. We now have holiday colors. We have 2 kinds of turbans, our classic turban which is perfect to wear on cooler days and our swim turbans that are water resistant. Most turbans out there, you have to keep wrapping. With our turbans there are no complicated directions. You just put them on. Anytime you are out and about you are going to get attention.

What new designs and prints can we expect this holiday season? 
For our holiday designs we are catering to the different holidays. We have all holiday tones like burnt oranges, brown, red and greens, and floral prints with all of these colors in them. We are working on new products to add to our line for next year.

Moms love your turbans. Can you share some of your favorite responses from moms?
I would say people really like that they are comfortable and that their babies don’t pull them off. They like that they are saving money by buying turbans. We’ve also been told that when you put the turbans on the babies it makes them even cuter than they already are. Our customers say every time we are out and about we get so many compliments on our turban. They also love that we have been doing free and fast shipping.

They like that we have neutral colors. We do have our poppy colors like bright red and royal blue but they like that we also have our pearl and white and neutral colors that will go with everything.

Get your Sweet Peas turban online at  Click here to view our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide.

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