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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Gabrielle Lewis Of Bunny & Hare

Fashion forward, empowering, unique and chic are all words we would use to describe Bunny & Hare high fashion for girls. Co-founder, Gabrielle Lewis, aimed to create a fashion line that would reflect her three-year-old daughter’s personality while empowering young girls to be themselves. Inspired by the world of fiction and fantasy, Bunny & Hare is a luxury brand for girls designed and made in Japan. They bring hope to the next generation by giving children a Voice through Style.

IMG_8227What inspired you to create Bunny & Hare?
I started out as a fashion stylist so I’ve always loved fashion and design. Back in 2016 I was living in Japan for 6 months. One day my husband and I decided to create a kids clothing line. I was always taking pictures of our daughter in our brands so we thought how cool it would be for her to have her own brand. We then started a small line full of velvets and sequins. From there we decided to take it a step further and have our brand be exhibited at the Las Vegas Magic Show and New York Magic. Those were some awesome experiences that led us to branching out even more. We started our line Bunny & Hare. We partnered with my sister Lydia as she designed and created her own beautiful collection. In 2017 my husband, daughter and I traveled back to Japan to live for almost a year and that’s when my sister and I decided to rebrand our entire collection. We wanted Bunny & Hare to have its own unique look. Japan has always been a key inspiration to Bunny & Hare so what better place to rebrand it than there. We took a leap of faith and was able to have our latest designs, Valkyrie, designed and made In Japan.

How would you describe your signature looks?
I wanted something unique and different for Bunny & Hare. I wanted something that would make our girls feel confident and strong yet fashion forward. I took inspiration from Wonder Woman and Valkyrie. These are amazing women superheroes from Greek mythology and Norse mythology. I wanted our designs to have structure for a unique fit, but be comfortable to wear for any occasion. The signature styles we have are two piece sets with a little inspiration from Chanel. I love the luxury stylish classy sets which were my inspiration for Valkyrie. I designed our blazing Crop of Love blazer to not only fit with our overalls and skirt, but it’s a piece that can be worn to complete any look.

How does Bunny & Hare inspire young girls?
Our motto is “Style is the narrator for fashion. The guide to style starts with you. You are strong! You are courageous! You are innovative! You are beautiful! Regardless of what your make is… You have a Voice!!”

Through our high fashion girls clothing designs, we hope to inspire the world around us.

We recently did a campaign with girls around the world called, “I HAVE A VOICE.”

We want our girls to know they can be and do anything in life and no matter what, their voices matter.

Here is the link to our campaign:

Tell us about the Valkyrie Edition. What is it and what makes it special?
The Valkyrie Edition is, “Timely Heroism at its Best.” It’s luxury, high fashion girls clothing, designed to make girls feel unique, fun, different, one of a kind and royal. Made in Japan, these timeless pieces are limited edition and are custom made for girls.

This is our first collection of many. What makes it so special is it’s not just about the style of clothing, it’s about the message behind it. We want our young girls to feel what they are wearing. It’s about confidence and strength. We want them to feel like they can be and do anything. And most importantly, we want them to know that it’s ok to be different, it’s ok to have your own VOICE.

How has your daughter inspired Bunny & Hare?
She’s a different kid. My husband prayed every night from the moment we found out we were having a baby. He prayed for her to be a light, be unique and be someone who can make a difference. She is only 3 years old, but that light, that difference, that change is something I can feel everyday. That’s what keeps me inspired and going everyday. When I see her I see her future. I want her to be great, I want her to be far better than me. I want her to believe in who she is and understand her purpose. I know one day she will, but for now it’s my job to help her get there. My husband and I are her first examples, we play the biggest roles in her life. We have to live the life we want her to live. That is how she keeps Bunny & Hare inspired.

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