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Stowaway Collection: Maternity Wear That Flatters

Finding out you’re pregnant can be one of the most beautiful moments of a woman’s life. As you anticipate the arrival of your new baby, you are experiencing a plethora of changes to your body. With a growing belly comes the need for new attire. Today’s modern mom doesn’t want to give up her individual style as she prepares for her new bundle of joy. Stephanie Manganelli, founder of Stowaway Collection, has created a maternity line that allows pregnant women to maintain their fashion sense with chic and comfortable pieces. CEOMOM Magazine interviewed Stephanie to learn more about her vision for Stowaway Collection and her Winter 2018 collection.

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What inspired you to start a maternity line?
My mom and I went shopping for maternity wear when I first became pregnant. We left quite disappointed by the quality and offering, everything had horrible fabric and the entire shopping process was hard! We had to travel to find a maternity store driving a good distance and then when we got there, we saw the value proposition was off. Not to mention the designs had something left to be desired. So, Stowaway Collection was born with the determination to make shopping easy (free shipping & returns so no risk to purchase), with pieces that are flattering and body conscious in luxe materials and every piece is made in the USA.

What is your vision behind each collection?
We’re inspired by women walking around NYC. New Yorkers make everything their own and they don’t care what other people think. With this mentality, we start each collection by looking at ready-to-wear trends and the silhouettes coming into the market. Then we think how can we adapt them for the pregnant body and still make it flattering- hint: tents are not flattering. We want each piece to be something a woman who isn’t pregnant yet will want to wear and something she’ll want to wear even after giving birth. We want to show off a little bit of the person’s personality while allowing her to make her own fashion statement.

SCFW1718_1013_HERO_068webresize (1) - CopyHow would you describe your Winter collection?
Our Winter collection was about those great deep color stories and comfortable, breathable fabrics. We did 80% of the line in a Supima Cotton Spandex fabric which is beyond comfortable and stretchy but has a fine, soft, hand perfect to wear to work.

Learn more about Stowaway Collection at Read the full feature and view the Summer 2018 collection in our Summer 2018 issue.

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