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Meet Media Maven: Diana Madison

Founder of Hollyscoop TV and now executive producer of Lifetime’s new beauty competition, Glam Masters, Diana Madison is a media maven that is used to managing several roles. Her most important and empowering role is being a mother of 2. CEOMOM Magazine caught up with this “Mompreneur”  on one of her many busy days to discuss the February 28 debut of Glam Masters and the reality of not only balancing the daily tasks of mom and entrepreneur, but the varying challenges of keeping it all together.

Tell us about Glam Masters. What can the audience expect on February 28? 
This is the best and perfect show for any beauty maven or junkie. It is such a great time to have a show like this. l work with a lot of makeup artists and hairstylists. I thought, there has to be something on TV to showcase their talent. Kim Kardashian has set the trends of what beauty is, so collaborating with her on this project and being able to give talented beauty professionals an audience and a platform has been amazing. We all were truly inspired.

Even if you aren’t obsessed with the beauty world like myself, this show is great for anyone with even a slight interest or yearning to learn tips or tricks on how to look like your best self using make-up and beauty tools.

You co-produce the show along with Kim Kardashian West. What inspired you to get involved as a co-producer?
As my following grew on Instagram and I started working with make-up artists that were trying to make it, I realized they all wanted to work with Kim – that was their ultimate dream to collaborate with her. Kim is such an inspiration and she has such an incredible work ethic and truly goes above and beyond for people she believes in and I took this idea to her about creating a glam masters competition where the winner would get to collaborate with her on her KKW make-up line.  I just feel like Kim and her sisters have set the precedence of what glam is. They do a makeup look and it becomes the biggest trend.

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You wear a lot of hats and are a major influence in the entertainment industry. From Hollyscoop to, what is the key to your diverse and long standing career?

It can be difficult but so rewarding. For example, I am just leaving the doctor’s office. My 6 week old caught a virus from my daughter who caught it from school, and she just started school. Literally I am at the doctor’s office while messaging my team and partners on all my various projects to make sure everything is running smoothly. Us moms are great multi-taskers and we are able to handle things well. You just learn to make it work.

Congratulations on the arrival of your son. How has it been being a mom of 2 with a growing empire?
Naturally the addition of a new baby is the biggest blessing and reward, I am so grateful for my babies. But it makes things harder, you are responsible for your business and employees. You have to always be involved and present and make sure things don’t slip through the cracks at work and at home. Being a mom is hectic too because something always happens. Like today my son has a respiratory virus. It is a constant struggle between balance and prioritizing but that is the  beauty of being a mother and a woman, we always adapt, we always work hard and we always succeed – it is a gift to be able to bring into the world and educate and grow a new generation to build a better future while making your own impact and pushing for a better future for your kids and the next generation.  

Diana Madison Mom Pics

What words of wisdom do you have for mompreneurs who who are growing their families? 
One piece of advice I live by is not to succumb to the pressures of trying to be perfect. People are going to be late and things will not always be done on time and you will get a hundred no’s and rejections before that one yes. That is okay. It is not the end of the world. Sometimes you feel like you are failing as a mom. Try to find the balance and prioritize. Right now my priority is my newborn son and my new projects in the works.

You started your career at a very young age. One could say you started pursuing your dreams early. What do you hope your children learn from your go-getter spirit? 

I think it is important for them to realize that nothing comes easy in life and that they need to work for it. With social media it is hard to show that because everything looks so glamorous. People make it look so easy. We have to always instill in our kids that you have to work for what you want. Nothing comes easy. Even some of my friends think some things come easy for me. I was 9 months pregnant and was still working. It is important with all of the glitz and glamour to show what it takes to be successful.

Who is your greatest motivator? 

I would say Oprah Winfrey. She has literally inspired my whole career. I got the opportunity to meet her when I was nine months pregnant with my daughter Collette and she rubbed my belly, Collette has been blessed by Oprah!! She has been an inspiration throughout my life. I would rush home from school to watch Oprah from school from a young age. My parents thought it was strange I wanted to watch such a grownup show. I admired her from a young age. I wanted to follow in her footsteps.

My mother has been very inspirational to me. She is a very strong woman. My mom was an immigrant who came to the United States and had to make a life for herself along with my father. My husband is my partner in my company. He is a great support system. It is always good to have someone who can give you the truth. I am also lucky to have a strong mom tribe to inspire and push me. It is very important to surround yourself with people who will lift you higher and support you. It is sometimes hard to even get out of bed so you need people who will push you to keep going.

What’s next for the Diana Madison brand? 

In the next two years, I plan to launch a beauty product. I am also working on a book dedicated to moms. Additionally, I am working on a new show that I am producing –  an inspirational show for women to follow if they’re looking for love and trying to have kids in their early 30s and 40s. I also want to keep growing my talk show. I started it after the success of Hollyscoop. I get to interview so many amazing women every day. I can’t believe that’s my job.

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