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Holiday Marketing: Tis the Season to Grow Your Business

The holidays are here!  The holidays are here! Quick run for cover.  Or better yet, turn your business into a marketing machine.  With holiday spending expected to reach 1.1 trillion according to a recent article on CNBC, you can see why it’s important to do.  And holiday marketing isn’t only for those big-named stores.  Your small business can benefit too with a holiday marketing plan done right.

The Best Holiday Marketing Tips for 2019:

  • Don’t consider it holiday marketingInstead consider it relationship building.  You want to build those relationships to last long into 2019.  Yes, they probably know what you do, but do they know YOU and more importantly do you know THEM!
  • Review What You’re Currently Doing or Have Done This Past Year. Take some time to review your marketing in the past year. How did you do?  Figure out what worked and what didn’t and then make any needed changes.
  • Reflect on Your Services and What You Did the Most of Last Year. You might discover that your marketing needs to be updated because the services you mainly offer have changed.  Once you know what you are doing, change up your marketing.
  • Write a Great Article On Holiday and/or New Year Topics and Pitch Away – This is the perfect time to write an article and get featured in major media. This exposure can last you for months to come.  One great topic now is trends and, of course, any holiday-related topics.
  • Have some fun – I say this every year, but it’s truly one of my favorite tips. Marketing doesn’t need to be hum ho and you can have some fun with it. Show others your personality and why you’re a hoot to work with.
  • Plan an event – Think of fun events such as 12 days of Christmas and do a Live Facebook Video during that time or something similar.  Just plan it well so it’s well received.
  • Have a 12 Day of Christmas Sale – You can have a 12 days of Christmas Sale and each day have a special on one of your products or services.  Just make sure it’s a real sale and not your same ole same ole, with a big sale button on it.  Bad form for sure..
  • Amp Up Your Social Media Presence – The bottom line is people are on their computers a lot during the holidays. And what does that mean for your business?  It means you need to be front and present. You might just have the perfect gift for cousin Sue.  Just let them know you do.
  • For Local Clients Stop by their Office and Drop off Goodies – Popcorn tins for the staff and/or their favorite coffee for their afternoon pick-me-up are great ideas.  For potential new clients, drop off a Holiday cup full of wrapped candy with your business card.  I’ve done this for years and it works!

Diana has authored five books including the best-selling book, Virtual Assistant the Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA. Today she specializes in PR and marketing, book marketing, PR coaching and helping her clients get amazing results.  She has been featured in USA Weekly, Forbes, Inc. Radio, Fox News, Women’s World, USA Today, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and many more.

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