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Cynthia Bailey: 50 Shades of Fabulous

Model, reality star, actress, fashion icon and mom, Cynthia Bailey is adding one more role to her resume, serial entrepreneur. This Real Housewives of Atlanta star is making waves in the fashion accessories industry with her Cargo Collection and Cynthia Bailey Eyewear. Not stopping there, you can expect more as Cynthia grows her fashion empire with the launch of her candle line, 50 Cynt. CEOMOM caught up with the reality personality to learn how she is celebrating this new phase in her life without apologies.

CBAdj-Approved - CynthiaBailey-021517-182RTHighWhat is the inspiration behind each of your latest business ventures, the Cargo Collection and Cynthia Bailey Eyewear?
As a fashion and a beauty brand, I really wanted to do something in the fashion accessories lane because it is organic for me. I didn’t really want to get into clothing. I get asked quite a bit about getting into clothing, but I love the fashion accessories lane. I love how people put things together. I am about personal style. I love labels just like anyone else, but I am more about how I am putting together what I’m wearing.

The lead out to my fashion empire is eyewear. I moved from sunglasses to readers and I am now moving to opticals. My next transition was from eyewear to my leather goods line. I travel a lot so I am interested in anything in the travel lane and I thought it was a good fit. I also have a hat line on the table as well as a watch line, and my Cynthia Bailey Candles just came out. I am very hands on with all of the creatives. I literally wore a Cargo backpack for 6 months before I launched, and checked the zippers, the pockets and the sizes to make sure everything was the best quality. I personally test all of my products to ensure that I can stand by them. I really have to be able to stand by any and everything that has my name on it. It’s a process but I think in the end I am all about quality and affordability.

I feel like I am in this position for a reason.. to much is given much is required.

Where do you see Cynthia Bailey Eyewear and the Cargo Collection in 5 years?
My Cynthia Bailey readers are now available on QVC. I see a long standing relationship with QVC. I love the partnership I have with them, so I plan on taking all of my products to QVC. The home shopping channels are great, and I think a lot of my products can speak to their audience. I do products that are exclusive for QVC and are only available there. I also have a great  relationship with Macy’s. I have worked with them my whole life as a model and have been able to continue my relationship with them. I love Macy’s because they sell quality products and are affordable. I have a great relationship with Nordstrom’s as well, and I also have my websites. My brand isn’t just in the States, I have a lot of international fans and they all want to buy. I have and It will be the same with all the other products.

The name of the candle line is 50 Cynt. I really embrace that whole 50 milestone. I love turning 50. I own that space. I don’t feel like I am getting older, I am getting started. The next years I am living for me.

Read Cynthia’s full interview in our January 2018 issue.

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