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CEOMOM Book Club: Cheers to Him

A hero can be defined as a role model, someone with special achievements or personal qualities. In our eyes, Ciera Young, author of Cheers to Him, is a hero. She was able to take unhealthy relationships, depression and abuse and turn them into life lessons not only for herself, but for other women, including her 2 beautiful daughters. Adding her transparent and vulnerable book to the CEOMOM Book Club was a no-brainer. Read our interview with Ciera to learn more about her inspiration for sharing her story.

What is Cheers to Him about?
Cheers to Him is about the different relationship experiences I’ve had with men, what I learned from them, and how they’ve helped me grow. Readers get an inside look at me going through depression and being raped. Despite the heartbreaks and hardships, I found the good in goodbye.

What inspired you to write Cheers to Him?
I was inspired to write Cheers to Him after speaking to a coworker about a current situation I was experiencing. She put the idea out there and I rolled with it. I used writing my feelings as a form of therapy, never realizing until it was complete that it was going to be a story that I shared with the world.

How did you prepare yourself to be so transparent in your book?
I prepared myself by being 100% transparent with myself. After coming to terms with the good and the bad and moving on, I realized the greatness in each relationship. I knew that going through and accepting my truth was healing for me and that it could be healing for others as well.

What do you hope women gain from reading your book?
I hope that women who can relate to my stories are able to let go of the hurt and damage that unhealthy relationships cause. I also desire for the lessons from that pain to be used to help them find their purpose and passion just as I did, because there’s power in a broken heart.

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How has writing Cheers to Him impacted your role as a mother of 2 girls?
Cheers to Him strengthened me as a mom because I know one day they too will experience heartbreak, but this book teaches them that being open with me about their issues will save them from a lot of pain.

What has been the most rewarding part about writing your personal story?
The most rewarding part is hearing people’s feedback. To get someone telling me that it helped them realize things and also let go of the hurt they’ve experienced themselves makes me feel my job is being done.

Tell us about fanCEE the Brand. How are you helping women live a fanCEE life?
The FanCEE brand is my way of inspiring women to live their dreams. We often feel that dream chasing, especially as mothers, is far fetched and it’s not. I am working with women one-on one and in group workshops to help them identify the pain of their past, identify their purpose and understand the importance of changing their mindset.

What advice would you give to a mom who wants to write her first book?
My advice to a Mom wanting to write her first book is to just do it. Writing is the hard part. Once you get your thoughts on paper the rest is a breeze. I am always available to answer questions, because once I was done writing, I was in awe. I actually thought it wasn’t possible!

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