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8 Fall Beauty & Fashion Picks for the CEO Mom on the Go

Living a busy life as a CEO Mom doesn’t mean you need to forego indulging in beauty and fashion products, but lets face it when you’re running a business and juggling family commitments sometimes beauty isn’t the priority. But, it doesn’t have to be so cut and dry. We’ve come across some amazing and fabulous CEO Mom’s over the years and have learned that having an arsenal of products that makes life simpler is the key to help you look and feel great. This fall, look for items that are practical and help provide quick solutions to your everyday grind.

Here are our top picks:

Trish McEvoy Set

The Power of Makeup® Planner Collection Holiday 2018, $250

When you’re constantly on the go, there is nothing like having every makeup essential in one place and the Trish Mcevoy makeup planner provides everything you need in a stylish carrier. From speed shopping to entrance making, eyes will be oh-la-lined while your complexion beams, brows are defined and lips are plum perfect.

Created by CEO: Trish Mcevoy


Pixi by Petra Vitamin Wakeup Mist, $15

It probably goes without saying that most of us could use a boost on any given day; so having the right product handy can go a long way. Pixi’s Vitamin Wakeup Mist can give you the boost you need by livening up your face with a quick spritz of this zesty hydrator made of soothing orange blossom and oil-balancing grapefruit peel oil. The scent is refreshing and will make you feel alert and revitalized.

Created by CEO Mom: Petra Strand

Glam Body Product Group

Glam Body Coffee Scrubs, $17.95 ea.

As much as most of us would like to have a monthly spa day, schedules usually don’t permit so we suggest bringing the spa to you with Glam Body’s coffee scrubs. These scrubs have four varieties, which address hyper pigmentation, dull skin, aching muscles, and more. Each variety offers a relaxing aromatherapy experience that can help any mom unwind.

Created by CEO Mom: Charise Williams (co-owner)

Hot Head Holiday Variety_1

Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap, $29.95

For the mom who has no time or desire to sit under a salon dryer, Hot Head’s microwaveable deep conditioning cap has been designed to allow you to perform salon quality treatments in the comfort of your home. This cap is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go! No cords, no fuss…just healthy hydrated hair! 

Created by CEO Mom: Sandra Snell

Orange Expressions Oils

Orange Expressions Essential Oils Starter Kit, $45

If you’re one of those high-strung moms who rely on calming oils to ease stress throughout the day, Orange Expressions oils are the perfect item to add to your handbag. From lavender to peppermint, these oils provide a variety of benefits to help you maintain your self-care regardless of how busy you are.

Created by CEO Mom: Sara Gillis

Eight Royale Flats

Eight Royale Foldable Ballet Flat, $128 – $150

Eight Royale’s foldable flats are just the shoes you need if you’re running around big cities, traveling, or juggling multiple events in a day. These shoes are designed for a sophisticated, fashion savvy woman who easily transitions from a day at the office to a night at the opera. Available in a variety of colors and styles.

Created by CEO Mom: Carla Truitt

103 Collection toner

103 Collection Antioxidant Facial Toner, $9.99

Are you a mom constantly pressed for time in between your afternoon workout and after school events? Pack 103 Collection’s Antioxidant Facial Toner in your bag to quickly cleanse, balance and hydrate skin. This brand is organic, vegan and cruelty free.

Created by CEO Mom: Melinda Herron

Tory Burch Piper Saddle

Tory Burch Piper Saddlebag, $328

For those of us who travel in big cities and need to be hands free as much as possible the comeback of the cross body bag is a Godsend! One of our favorites is the Tory Burch Piper Saddle Bag. This bag offers versatility from day to night and can compliment any style.

Created by CEO Mom: Tory Burch

Look for these and other amazing beauty products in our upcoming 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, available this November.

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