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CEOMOM Podcast: Episode 7 – How to Grow Your Business Without Making Money the End Goal with Soulaima Gourani

On this episode, I talk to Soulaima Gourani, motivational speaker, philanthropist, international business mastermind and Ted Talk Mentor, about how to grow your business without making money the end goal. Soulaima teaches us how to leverage our current contacts through strategic networking and how to manage our businesses with purpose. Pulling from her own experience transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, Soulaima presents an out of the box approach to scaling our businesses. She discusses the importance of selling our expertise in an effort to get paid adequately for our time.

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Tips to Become Independent as You Transition into Full Time Entrepreneurship.

  1. Find something that can pay your rent whether it’s working at a diner. You can be employed part time for a while and then be independent (work on your business) the rest of the week.
  2. Don’t become an entrepreneur or contractor if you don’t have anything to sell.
  3. Once you have a product, focus on branding and networking.
  4. Build a Home page.
  5. Start writing or making your knowledge and expertise available to potential clients.
  6. Recruit help.

Entrepreneurship is not just about developing a product or service and building a business. Sell your expertise as an independent contractor.

  1. Use old contacts to sell your knowledge and expertise. Set up contracts with companies.
  2. Be creative.
  3. Be resourceful.
  4. Be willing to sell your time.

Leverage your network by getting an advisory board for your business.

  1. Find 10 people in your network. Select people you already know, trust and are highly respected. They should also be familiar with your business.
  2. Meet up to 6 times a year.
  3. Make sure the meetings are efficient and beneficial for all parties.
  4. Get members from various industries with different areas of expertise.
  5. Focus in on individuals based on their skills for specific projects.

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