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The Whole Woman Conference 2022 Tackles Tough Topics in the Church

Emotional intelligence, boundaries and family systems, imposter syndrome and perfectionism, and addictions and intimacies, are not usually topics that are addressed at Christian conferences. The Whole Woman Conference 2022 is aiming to change that by tackling topics that are often only discussed in intimate settings, if at all. When women gather, we want to empower, and be empowered. We want to step into a transformative space that equips us to propel in life, business, career and faith, but how do we do that without exploring the human parts of ourselves.

Founder and host, Juliette Ross, who pastors Embassy City Church with her husband, Tim Ross, created the conference to give women something they can use beyond Sunday. “Something you also apply to your life in addition to the Word of God. I want you to know how your body reacts to stress, trauma and anxiety and how to physically deal with it in a healthy way. But it will be difficult to do that if you don’t have the adequate tools to use.” 

What else can you expect from the Whole Woman Conference 2022? In addition to Work Rooms highlighting topics such as grief, purpose and walking towards wholeness, there will be Self Care Rooms where you can do everything from knitting to yoga to getting a makeover, and one of my personal favorites, just be quiet. The conference will also have main sessions, an interactive experience and a live taping of Unpacked with Juliette Ross.

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