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Shanaya Steave Is Using Fashion to Empower Women

We first met Shanaya Steave, founder and owner of Entice One, an online clothing store that is as just as much about empowerment as it about fashion, when she was one of the beauty sponsors for GlamCon 2018 in Dallas, Texas. For Steave, fashion is not just about what you wear, it is an opportunity to leave an impact on the world. CEOMOM chatted with Steave about her journey as a fashionista, the inspiration behind Entice One and why giving back is so important to her.

How did your career in fashion begin?
It’s funny because I have always been fashionable. In school I leaned more towards business and engineering. I went to a university and we had an assignment to do a marketing plan so I decided to do one on fashion. It came so natural to me that I did really well. After that, I would hear my friends complain about clothes that didn’t fit well. They wanted a variety of clothes that would fit their bodies. Then boom, I’d been called on this mission to help make the world better by designing clothing that would help women build their confidence, become more productive and be happy doing so.

What inspired you to start Entice One?
I’ve always been inspired by fashion since I was younger, it’s my passion to share my creativity through fashion. By stepping outside the box that stereotypes black women as content and dependent, I came up with Entice One where resilient, powerful women express themselves through fashion. My goal is to inspire other women to start something their passionate about, execute it and look good while doing it. Entice One just isn’t a boutique, it’s a movement and I pray other women from around the world can take something from our brand and connect with us on a more personal level. Building self esteem one outfit at a time! It was just seeing people around me. I wanted people to feel good about themselves in the clothes they wear. It was my passion to make people feel good. I executed that by taking up a business that was right in line with what I wanted to do and what I learned in college. I have grown a lot since 2017. Now I am working on tech packs, cad designs and fabric selections. I’ll be traveling to China to source factories that can commit to my company standards. I want to empower other women to step out the box and live their passion no matter the circumstances. I have a 5 year old daughter and I work full time but I still make time for my business.

How would you describe the Entice One style?
Entice One is known for its statement pieces. It’s edgy. The pieces that I select are carefully chosen and have a quality that makes them timeless. We’ll always have looks that stand out from the rest and can assure you won’t get anywhere else. Our products are curated and designed with care and passion. When clients shop with us they can expect a range of looks from office friendly to casually chic to break the internet so to speak!

Who is the Entice One woman?

The Entice One woman is a strong and independent woman. She can be any woman that walks in confidence. Even if it’s hidden, you’ll find it after wearing your piece from Entice One. When we had our fashion show we didn’t want to choose what society conditions us to believe is the ideal model, we wanted real women that needed to embrace or find their gifts. We went to different schools around the Pittsburgh area and held a casting call and found women who had always wanted to model but were never given the opportunity. All the ladies did extremely well and even started modeling after the fashion show. They still keep in contact with me for future photo shoots and fashion shows by Entice One. It feel good knowing we helped to boost their self esteem and how appreciative they are for the experience to collaborate with a brand that inspires ALL women. That’s who I do it for!


What are your favorite Entice One pieces for the winter season?
I have this cute camel skirt that is like camouflage. It’s a pencil skirt with white tulle underneath. With the following writing “I don’t dress for people to approve my style, I dress for myself.” We recently did a vegan leather jacket with different colors. It has stripes on the front and back and you have the option to adjust the leather which is very soft. I also have another jacket that is very versatile. It has jean material on the top so it looks like a denim jacket that was dipped in leather. It has that motor sport look. When you unzip it the jean comes out. I love jackets and standout pieces.

You made an in-kind donation for GlamCon 2018 to provide fashion pieces for a breast cancer survivor or fighter. Why is giving back to causes like these so important to you?
For me, giving back is important because there are people who have helped me to get where I am. Giving back shows humility and when you’re building a successful business you want to pay it forward and show your due diligence through creating a memorable legacy. Most importantly, it makes you appreciate what you are doing more. Everyone should feel inclined to give back because you are giving others the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. It’s like a cycle, it’ll always come back to you.

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