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Meet Dianna Williams of Lifetime’s Bring It!

Dianna Williams has transformed her career as a dancer and teacher into a brand that includes a hit television show on Lifetime, dolls, a major tour and a 3 part book series. She is showing no signs of slowing down and is continuing on her mission to empower young girls to conquer the world through expression. CEOMOM caught up with Williams to discuss how she got started and what’s next.

How did your career in dance begin?
Dance for me began when I could walk. Dance is life and has been a passion of mine forever. As a freshman in college I needed a job and I received my first teaching job for the City of Jackson in 2001, for me that’s where it all began. Teaching and coaching became who I was and would always be.

What inspired you to start the Dancing Dolls? 
In the city of Jackson there was a need for programs for young girls and being that I’ve been around kids my entire life it made sense to create an opportunity for young women.

How did you transition from being a dancer and teacher to having your own show “Bring It!” on Lifetime? 
I’ve made a great profession out of teaching and inspiring. Bring It! came about off the hard work and dedication I had to my craft. We were found off YouTube by chance in 2013. Twelve years of work was seen and recognized by the producers of our show and the rest is history. We never would’ve thought that a program that we create simply to help at risk kids would turn into a national phenomenon. We are grateful to God for this amazing platform.

You just finished the Bring It! Live Tour. What was your favorite part? 
My favorite part was the crowd participation!! I have the opportunity each night to reach out and actually speak to my fans about Bring It. It’s fulfilling to get to see their excitement for something that I love as much as they do.

What do you hope attendees took away from the tour? 
I pray that they walk away feeling empowered, inspired and motivated to take on the world.

Will you be touring in 2019? If so, what can attendees expect? 
We can’t say exactly what the tour for 2019 will hold. No tour for 2019 has been announced as of yet.

image2You have a successful TV show that’s starting its sixth season and a major tour. What’s next for Dianna Williams? 
Well I am doing a lot! I have a 3 part book series coming out with the 1st book, “Standing in the Shade.” We have a non-profit organization called Dollface Academy launching in February 2019. The Coach D Doll is on sale and doing great and The 3 Dollhouses are thriving as well. I have many more upcoming activities!!

What advice do you have for a mom who feels it may be too late to pursue a professional dance career? 
I am a professional motivator and coach. I live life one day and one moment at a time. Being a mom and an entrepreneur is TOUGH but with the resilience and tenacity and STRENGTH all women possess, no task is too daunting! I say GO FOR IT!! No dream is out of reach. Work hard, fight hard and pray even harder. Nothing can be done without the grace of GOD.

With such an incredible career and family, do you believe you have it all? 
No, I don’t believe I have it all but I do believe that I am blessed. I do believe that GOD is constantly working in my favor to keep my head on straight and my spirit in tact. Having all the responsibilities I have comes with a price. It’s a heavy one and I don’t take the responsibility lightly.

What does having it all mean to you? 
Having it all means complete internal peace… Peace within oneself, knowing that no matter the outcome you have done your best in everything… It means having the best relationship with God and knowing that he will be there no matter what… It means seeing your family healthy and happy…. for Dianna, it means feeling as free as a bird… #blessings

The sixth season of Bring It! airs January 17, 2019 on Lifetime.

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  1. Love this! Dianna had been a role model for me as far as her just following her passion she had actually motivated me to start my own team! The New Wave Dancing Divas!!!

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