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Meet Celebrity Event Planner: Courtney Ajinca

Courtney Ajinca specializes in transforming her clients’ visions into exquisite affairs. As a celebrity event planner working with the likes of Rasheeda Frost to plan her store grand opening, Courtney creates events that are as adventurous for the guests as they are visually captivating.

As much as Courtney loves to plan events, this NBA wife and mother of 2 always makes family her number one priority. Courtney shared the inspiration behind her luxury event planning business and a few summer must-haves to create the perfect summer soirée.

How did your career as a celebrity event planner begin?
My career as a celebrity event planner began when I designed a masquerade themed birthday party for Dutchess Lattimore from the TV show Black Ink. The event was sultry and sexy. I completely transformed a popular restaurant and guests couldn’t believe the transformation! It was then that people began to take notice of my talents. I’ve since been blessed to work on TV projects with NBC Universal and VH1. This entire experience has been incredibly surreal and I’m so grateful.

You create gorgeous and elaborate event designs. Where do you garner your inspiration for such exquisite events?
Thank you so much for the compliment! I garner my inspiration from many different places. When I meet with the client and tour their venue, I am able to feel the energy of the space and take the client’s vision to the next level. From the very first conversation, I begin seeing colors and I’m able to read beyond their words to create an event unimaginable. I draw inspiration from nature, other cultures, and countries to create experiences that the client has yet to encounter.

How would you describe your event style?
My event style is luxurious yet catering to the style of the client. I am very flexible and not stuck in one set style of event. But, I always like to put my signature touch on each event.

What are your must-haves for creating the perfect summer soirée?
My must-haves for the perfect summer soiree are live entertainment such as musical performers or aerial artists, a gorgeous outdoor venue, and a great tasting signature cocktail to give your guests an all around experience that embodies the summer solstice.

You are a mom of 2 boys and an NBA wife in addition to being a highly sought-after event planner. What have been your greatest lessons when it comes to work/life balance?
Juggling a time intensive career and my home has been a challenge with some bumps along the road, but I would have it no other way. My greatest lesson has been to always make time for my husband and my boys. Even when I’m exhausted at the end of the day or when I travel back home after an event, I always continue to push myself so that I can spend quality time with my family. Family is something that will remain constant even after my career has ended, so I always want to make sure that I have a happy home.

Stay tuned for Courtney’s new website,, launching soon.

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