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Empowerment in Elegance: The Brown Skin Brunchin’ Sisterhood Summit in Las Vegas

The Brown Skin Brunchin’ Sisterhood Summit is set to transform the city of Las Vegas into a hub of empowerment, luxury, and inspiration. This unique event, meticulously curated for women seeking a blend of personal growth, networking, and opulence, promises an unforgettable experience.

  1. Connect and Celebrate: Join a supportive community of thought leaders and change-makers at the Brown Skin Brunchin’ Sisterhood Summit. Forge lasting bonds, share dreams and aspirations, and explore opportunities for collaboration and growth.
  1. Luxurious Experience: Immerse yourself in the comfort and elegance of Green Valley Ranch Resort. The summit offers an exclusive swag bag, a champagne welcome reception, and a glamorous yacht party on the high seas.
  1. Wellness and Indulgence: Start each day with a refreshing blend of wellness and indulgence at the daily morning mimosa yoga sessions. Honor achievements and spirit at the elegant Chapter Awards Brunch.
  1. Streamlined Experience: Enjoy hassle-free travel with streamlined transportation to and from events. The summit ensures organized accommodations, making your experience seamless and stress-free.

Vision of Brown Skin Brunchin’:

Brown Skin Brunchin’s vision is to empower women not only to succeed individually but also to become catalysts for transformation in their neighborhoods, cities, and beyond. The Sisterhood Summit is a manifestation of this vision, bringing together a diverse community for cultural and social enrichment, personal and professional development, and the creation of lasting memories.

Brown Skin Brunchin’ is more than an event; it’s a celebration of unity, strength, and the vibrant spirit of the ‘Brown Skin Brunchin’ community,” says Lillian Jackson; Co-Founder Brown Skin Brunchin. “We invite you to secure your spot and be part of history at our very first Sisterhood Summit. Embrace the excitement, the glamour, and the power of togetherness.

Event Details:

Apr 26, 2024 – Apr 28, 2024


Green Valley Ranch Resort, Las Vegas, NV

How to Secure Your Spot:

Visit Brown Skin Brunchin’ to secure your spot and join us for a weekend of empowerment, luxury, and celebration.