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CEOMOM Spotlight: Meet Lauren Kutting

When CEOMOM Magazine asked Lauren Kutting to describe herself in 5 words, her confidence and go-getter attitude was evident in her quick response. Lauren describes herself as ambitious, creative, Type A, introverted and determined. CEOMOM would have to agree. In 2014, Lauren provided the solution to a problem that is familiar to all new moms. Through the formation of the Life in Play company, Lauren helped new moms answer the question, “How do I maintain my individuality and style while carrying a diaper bag? Life in Play introduced ToteSavvy through a successful Kickstarter campaign and has continued to build the brand with new colors and styles. The ToteSavvy mini is one of the latest products along with the colors Luxe Red and Coffee for the original ToteSavvy.
This dynamic mother of 3, including boy/girl twins, is showing no signs of slowing down. She will be introducing a new and exciting product as a part of the ToteSavvy brand just in time for the holidays. Her words of wisdom to women who aspire to build their own businesses, “When you think of a CEOMOM or someone who has created her own business, it can be intimidating. These women are just like you. They are focusing on one passion and building it into a business.” Stay tuned for Lauren’s full interview in the September issue of CEOMOM magazine.


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