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CEOMOM Podcast: Episode 21 – Let’s Talk Mom Guilt With Dayna Reed

Hey Mama, do you struggle with mom guilt? Mom guilt is something that is all too familiar to many of us. Usually, it is an exaggerated feeling of inadequacy that isn’t backed by any major circumstance. We feel guilty, because our children had macaroni and cheese two nights in a row, or we missed a few soccer games due to work. Dayna Reed has written what we believe is an important book, Guilt-Free Mommy, that tackles the issue of mom guilt head on. Reed combines relatability with humor and practicality to help moms identify mom guilt in their own lives, and stop the habit of normalizing these often unhealthy thoughts.

Reed identifies two patterns that help support Mom Guilt:
1.  The need to be seen, heard and identified as super moms – We can not do and have it all at the same time. Trying to often results in feelings of inadequacy.
2. Comparing ourselves to others –  This also includes comparing our children to other children. Comparison is one of the enemies of progress. We don’t have to measure up to anyone else’s standards.

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