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CEOMOM Podcast: Episode 20 – Brand Like a Boss with Taylor Simon

Hey Mama, it’s time to talk business. For Episode 20 of the CEOMOM Podcast, we interviewed brand strategist, Taylor Simon of Taylor Made Consulting Agency. Simon shared some applicable branding tips that you can implement today. Here are her 5 steps to start creating a brand that will get you the clients you want.

Process for Creating a Winning Brand 
1. Structure – Define your Who, What, When & Why. What is your purpose? This is the conception of your brand and where you outline the vision for your brand.
2. Strategy – This determines how you will engage with your audience. What mediums will you use- YouTube, podcast, Facebook? No matter the medium, you need a strategy to execute engagement.
3. Systems – Put systems into place that will allow you to perform and execute with excellence. Your reputation and interaction with your clients and audience is a big part of your brand.
4. Styling – This is where you create the look and visual for your brand.
5. Soar – Now you are ready to launch and unveil your brand to your audience. This is your execution and implementation stage.

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