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Back to School: Keeping Families Connected with TextNow

As kids get ready to head back to school, the need for families to stay connected becomes even more important. Introducing TextNow, the world’s first freemium wireless service. Now instead of adding kids to the already expensive cell phone plan, TextNow offers the most affordable wireless options on the market – some even at no cost! Parents can turn an old device into a first phone for kids so they’ll always be able to reach mom and dad.

What is TextNow?
TextNow is the first ever full-service freemium wireless company offering a phone number untethered from carriers or any individual device, built to work the way people communicate. A software company in a carrier world, TextNow is not bound by an expensive physical infrastructure, so they can build solutions from the ground up and deliver them to consumers instantaneously.

How does TextNow work?
TextNow created the patented Elastic Calling technology, which automatically picks the right network between WiFi, LTE, or 2/3/4G service and switches networks mid-call. This means that, should network conditions change, it won’t impact your call. It also means that TextNow phones work in many places where traditional wireless phones won’t — like basements — as long as you have wifi. TextNow provides a full range of options, from free and paid apps, to physical phones, to sim cards – unlike anyone else.

TextNow users get many options:
◦ Users download the app and TextNow assigns a phone number you can use across all devices with the TextNow app and online service.

◦ Users can purchase a low-cost Android device directly from TextNow already, equipped with custom software, or purchase a SIM from TextNow and insert it into any unlocked device – a perfect solution for parents who can turn an old device into a first phone for kids.

◦ Since there are no contracts, users are in control of their own phone plan and can make changes to it whenever they like. They can upgrade and downgrade their phone plan at any time, depending on data usage or financial needs.

How much does TextNow cost?
TextNow has plans that range in price from completely free (simply download the free app) to $39.99 (unlimited data). You can see what is offered with each plan here.


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