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Back to School: Breakout Kids Dispatch Kids Subscription Box

When it comes to teaching kids, the more interactive you are, the better. Every child learns differently, but if you can create and maintain a connection between the child and the subject, she is more likely to retain the information. Developing a connection also allows the student to engage with the topic resulting in long term interest. Breakout Kids does just that with their monthly subscription box, Dispatch Kids. Designed to prepare kids for kindergarten, the learning box covers topics such as colors, following instructions, team building, reading and more. It is perfect for ages 3 and older. Here are the 4 things we love about Dispatch Kids.

It’s fun. The object of the activity is to solve a mystery. For the activity box we received we had to find a little boy named Johnny’s special coin. It was fun for my kids to read Johnny’s letter and use the clues not only to find the coin, but to learn more about Johnny. The box even prompted my kids to write about themselves, presenting the concept of commonalities. There was a fun coloring activity that is perfect for little ones to learn colors.

It’s user-friendly. It is easy to use with simple instructions. Kids can follow along allowing them to engage even more.

It incorporates a variety of topics. The Dispatch Kids incorporates the use of colors, art, reading, numbers and more.

You can get several uses out of one box. It gives the parents and kids the opportunity to manipulate the game to fit their own rules and interests. There are several activities in each box allowing parents and kids to do the activities in order, add to them or create their own.

Zoe, Daughter, 5: Thanks for delivering this great activity. I really like this activity box. It has really fun activities to do.

Disclaimer: CEOMOM Magazine received one subscription box kit for our review. All opinions are ours.

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