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4 Key Tips for Your Business to be Profitable in 2019

Now that the holidays have wound down, the kids are back in school and we are officially in the second month of the New Year – our personal resolutions and professional goals are starting to die down. According to U.S. Newsapproximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February. February is the most crucial month for New Year goals, and businesses are entering the second half of the first quarter. Ronne Brown shares her top tips every business needs to be profitable throughout the year.

Ronne Brown’s 4 Top Key Tips that Every Business Needs to be profitable:

1. Confidently expose your business to the right audience
To identify the right audience for your business, it’s all about authentically being yourself. By being yourself, you attract like-minded people to your business. If you have a business for children’s clothing, talk about the successes and struggles of motherhood. Talk about getting your kids dressed and ready in the morning. Discuss the morals and practices you teach your kids. That will help bring success to your kids clothing line.

2. Work on Collaborations
Look to collaborate with people/brands that share the same work ethic, vision, mission and level of integrity as you.  I believe that a good collaboration is determined based on the amount of passion and vision people have for the brand. For example, when two people are generally passionate about the same thing they will work harder. As a business coach I talk to a lot of women whose main concern is the lack of work ethic of a partner. One person is working harder than the other (usually the person who has more passion for the brand’s vision) rather than the two of them working together.

3. Host in-person events
Choosing a theme, topic and agenda for an event is important. I think about what holiday is coming or what is trending in the news to help me choose a theme for my event.  For example, February is Black History Month so you can host an event that targets black women entrepreneurs – or Valentines Day for single women. International Women’s Day is in March. What type of event can you host that is relatable to women entrepreneurs?

I choose discussion topics for my events based on what my audience is seeking. I have my guests submit questions and suggestions versus talking on general topics so people leave with full cups.

4. Build your email list daily
A few tips to help you build your e-mail list are offer giveaways, how to videos and discount codes.

ABOUT: Ronne Brown 
GirlCEO ™ and author of From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram, Ronne Brown is a national branding expert, professional speaker, author, mentor, and mother of four. She has made her mark internationally in the online and social media business with her revolutionizing branding techniques. She went from being a statistic to a success story and turned minimum wage income into a seven-figure salary within a few short years.

Now, Ronne is equipping women nationwide on how to be the CEO in their businesses, lives, and homes. Ronne Brown is one of social media’s most influential entrepreneurs, inspiring and teaching people around the world how to create six-figure incomes, become debt free and live life on their own terms.

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