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30 Things We Are Leaving in 2023 with Affirmations

As December 1 arrives, we’re counting down to the new year. A new year ignites the desire for change and the aspiration for growth and expansion. Preparing for something new often means releasing the old to create space. In this series, we’ll share 30 things we’re leaving behind in 2023. From December 1 to January 5, each week will unveil 5 elements we won’t carry into the new year, accompanied by affirmations to reinforce these changes.

Let’s embark on this path of renewal together, shedding what no longer serves us and embracing the potential of a new beginning. Remember, change is not just about letting go, it’s about stepping into the life you’ve always envisioned.

1. Unnecessary “Yeses”: Resist saying yes to every invitation, request, or demand. Assess your capacity – financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically – before committing. Offer your best, not everything you have.

Affirmation: I commit to saying “yes” only to things that align with my calling and purpose.

2. Toxic Inner Circle: Distance yourself from jealous, competitive, or negative friends, acquaintances, and even family members. The choice to sever ties completely is yours. However, share less with those who aren’t genuine and supportive.

Affirmation: I will grant access only to individuals who align with my purpose, calling, and worth.

3. Fear as a Barrier: Overcome the fear of failure, embarrassment, or cancellation. Your talents may be crucial to someone else’s upliftment. Sharing your gifts can have a positive, far-reaching impact. Embrace your light and make a difference.

Affirmation: Fear will not deter me from pursuing my divine calling or purpose.

4. Devaluing Your Worth: Recognize your true self and your calling. Avoid devaluing your abilities or allowing others to do so. Whether it’s facing inadequate compensation, overlooked promotions, or being underestimated, assert your worth confidently and without hesitation.

Affirmation: I will walk proudly, radiating an extraordinary confidence that reflects my true worth.

5. Lack of Business Acumen: As a career woman, mom boss, or CEO Mom, possessing business savvy is essential. Don’t run your business casually if you aim to build an empire. Understand financial principles in both personal and professional spheres. Stay informed about your business’s financial health. Prioritize raising capital, pricing based on value, scaling your business, and keeping financial statements organized.

Affirmation: I am dedicated to fostering financial growth by managing my business as a burgeoning empire, not a mere hobby.

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