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15 Ways You Can Help Hourly Workers In Your Community

Hourly workers around the country are worried and hurting because of the coronavirus, and it is hard to find clear steps we can take as individuals to help.

Beekeeper, a leading internal communications and employee engagement platform for frontline workforces, put together a comprehensive list of ways we can all help hourly workers who are struggling financially during this time of mass company closures.

What started as an internal document for Beekeeper employees who wanted to help soon became an external resource to empower everyone who was also wondering how to help their communities during this tough time. With uncertainty everywhere, when we all feel powerless, it’s important to remember we can still play a big role — we just need to be creative and take action.

Here are 15 ways you can help hourly workers in your community right now:

  1. Buy gift cards at your local businesses that are still open.
  2. Go crazy with Ubereats, DoorDash, and other delivery apps (don’t forget to leave a big tip!) It’s finally your time to feel guilt-free about being lazy when it comes to cooking.
  3. If you need extra help, give someone out there a job and hire a virtual assistant!
  4. Support companies who are still paying their workers for scheduled shifts even though they’ve shut down by ordering products online. Philz Coffee is a great example. Buy products from them or other companies who are supporting their employees.
  5. Many restaurants are staying open for takeout orders only. Show them some love and grab a to-go order (and practice social distancing of course).
  6. Start a virtual tip jar for your neighborhood restaurants like the idea from this article.
  7. Donate to this national public Bartender Emergency Assistance Fund.
  8. Write rave reviews for businesses on Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook. Because anyone who is still working in a customer-facing role right now deserves some positive recognition.
  9. Many service workers are setting up GoFundMe accounts. Show them your support and contribute to your favorite server or bartender’s fund.
  10. Tip more than you usually would… And then tip a little more. And then double it
  11. While brick and mortar retail stores are closing, online retail is booming. See if you can keep supporting your favorite shops (especially mom and pop stores) through digital channels.
  12. Donate to your local food banks. While some folks were stockpiling food, others missed out and they may now be forced to go without.
  13. Call and check in on your friends who are frontline workers. Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is your attention and compassion.
  14. Share new job opportunities on your social media channels. Amazon is hiring for 100,000 positions right now!
  15. Above all else — be extra, extra kind to any customer service employee you come across who is actually still working. Just because they haven’t lost their jobs, doesn’t mean they aren’t going through it. They probably wish they could quarantine at home too, but don’t have an option financially.

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