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Spreading Joy: Teaching Our Kids the Beauty of Giving This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a magical time filled with joy, love, and the spirit of giving. While we often get caught up in the hustle of holiday preparations, it’s a perfect opportunity to teach our little ones about the importance of giving. It is a blessing to provide our kids with their favorite items from their holiday wish list, however we want them to relish in the beauty of giving as much as they do in receiving. To make that a little bit easier, we are sharing some heartwarming and practical ways to involve your children in acts of kindness and generosity.

1. Help kids understand the joy of giving.
Start with a cozy sit-down and a story. Choose a children’s book that emphasizes the joy of giving and sharing. Discuss the story with your children, asking them how they felt about the characters who gave selflessly.

2. Work with your kids to craft with a purpose.
Engage your kids in making simple, handmade gifts for family, friends, or neighbors. These could be ornaments, baked goods, or art projects. Emphasize that the value of the gift lies not in its price, but in the time and love put into making it.

3. Give to those in need with your kids.
Involve your children in selecting toys, clothes, or books that they no longer use and donate them to local shelters or charities. Explain how their belongings can bring joy to other children.

4. Perform acts of kindness using an Advent calendar.
Create an Advent calendar with daily acts of kindness. Each day, open a new window with a simple task like writing a thank-you note, helping a neighbor, or sharing a toy.

5. Take your kids to visit local charities.
Plan a visit to a local charity or community center. Let your children experience the act of giving firsthand, whether it’s through volunteering or presenting donations.

6. Help your kids do gratitude journaling.
Encourage your children to keep a gratitude journal during the holiday season. Each night, they can write or draw something they are thankful for and something kind they did for someone else.

7. Pass down and share family traditions.
Share your family’s traditional ways of giving back during the holidays. Whether it’s serving at a soup kitchen or singing carols at a nursing home, involve your children and create lasting memories.

Teaching our children about the beauty of giving is a precious gift that will stay with them for a lifetime. This holiday season, let’s spread joy and kindness, showing our little ones that the true spirit of the holidays is about giving, not just receiving. Happy holidays!