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Resources to Help Your Family Have Fun at Home

With social distancing a critical component in the fight to end the spread of the coronavirus, families are now spending most of their days at home, families are in need of well-curated activities in order to thrive together when stuck inside. Dadventures at Home takes the guess-work out of sifting through hundreds of links across social media and the web. We organize the content by age, length and type and sort by activities kids can do with families or alone, including those that don’t require a screen!

We’ve compiled our top three most popular kids activities to serve as a resource for busy parents during this world-wide health crisis. Keep reading for our top picks…

1. Cue the music and enjoy a family karaoke night…or day! We’ve curated a list of the top YouTube karaoke channels your family is sure to love. As promised, the resources are sorted by age, music type, number of songs and more. Use our list to pick a channel tailored to your family.

2. No screen required! Check out resource options like bug adventures, arts and crafts, sensory box ideas and more. Your kids will be so excited about these activities you won’t even have to ask them to switch off their tablet. View the list here.

3. Believe it or not solo play is a thing! Have you ever thought about introducing your kids to podcasts? Most adults love them, we bet your kids will too. In true Dadventures at Home form, we’ve compiled a list of our top podcast picks based on age, topic, length and more. Listen in now.

We hope these resources will help you cut through all of the noise to find the very best for your families during this time of need.

Since 2018, Dadventures has become a trusted resource for parents looking to discover family events and ways to engage with their kids. They got their start by curating the best out-of-home experiences. Then in response to the pandemic, they launched Dadventures at Home, offering free daily curated home-based family play and solo play activities, as a way to offer support during this world-wide health crisis.

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