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10 Ways to Catapult Your Life

1. Do It All With Passion
Have you ever noticed that when you’re super engaged in a certain project or task there’s a certain level of emotional drive that stirs inside? That’s your passion working through you! How wonderful it is to be able to do things in complete bliss and takeaway a pure sense of fulfillment.

Your purpose is to share your passion and enthusiasm, it’s what makes your life so much more worthwhile. The energy you expel from those things that make you most happy may just generate a purpose and happiness in someone else! Now, that is life at its best.

2. Extend Yourself
Our day to day grind can be hectic on all levels, especially as moms and entrepreneurs. You’re often pulled in various directions to fulfill a multitude of responsibilities. Extending ourselves becomes a regular part of who we are. A healthy extension of yourself is a good habit to practice. Give unto others your quality time, a helping hand, or an encouraging word. The key is to choose how you want to be utilized without others putting terms on you. Be clear, you’re extending not overextending.

3. Positively Affirm Yourself
Take a second to say something encouraging and positive to and about yourself. Internalize it and believe it. We are so critical of ourselves; everything from our physical features to our capabilities to what we believe we can and cannot do. We even have deteriorating thoughts about ourselves based on things that have not yet happened. Let’s start a mind shift! When a negative thought creeps into your psyche, change that message to a positive affirmation. Your thoughts have so much power. It is the first indirect intention before you’ve taken a direct action in your life. As lingering as those thoughts can be, be sure to remember “you are who you think you are.” So, think success, competency and power.

4. Set Attainable Goals
We are now in the middle of 2019. You know those goals you set at the beginning of the year, posted on social media, wrote on sticky notes across your bathroom mirror…well, let’s revisit those to see how many you’ve completed. If you’ve tackled them all, kudos to you! For the rest of us who haven’t completed ours, it’s time to start some reevaluating.

Goal setting is necessary. It’s a simplified blueprint of what we need to do to move to the next level in our lives. We all have different goals. Your goals, no matter how big or small, should be attainable and completed in steps. Set goals you can effectively execute. Preparation is key!

5. Be Productive, Not Busy
“I’m so busy, I have so much to do,” says just about everyone! Being busy typically means juggling a lot of tasks. Evaluate your daily tasks in relation to your goals. You may find that there is too much ‘stuff’ that clutters your day and puts you in a constant rat race. Eliminate tasks and determine which ones can be delegated to give you more actionable results. Position yourself to focus more on planning. Something as simple as prepping or putting deadlines on incomplete assignments can declutter your schedule. Being busy doesn’t equate to productivity.

6. Delight in the Success of Others
I can’t think of one good reason to envy the success of another woman. When someone reaches an achievement whether you know them or not, be happy for them! Partake in their joyous moments of success, and I can almost guarantee your congratulatory spirit will be appreciated and reciprocated when it’s your time to shine! We should all be one another’s cheerleaders, we are on this journey together. Life is hard and full of naysayers. Keep an attitude of humanistic goodness and happiness for each other.

7. Just Smile
Smile. It’s as simple as that. Studies show that smiling can be a stress reliever. It releases endorphins and chemicals that make you happier. You know a good deep sigh that helps to relieve and balance your energy? Smiling can do the same thing. It’s a simple gesture that gives off good energy, both for yourself and others.

8. Turn Failures into Lessons
Failure is inevitable. Loss is going to happen—that is life. However, failures are circumstances, not the final determinants of whether or not you reach your highest peak. When you understand that while on your journey obstacles and set backs are sure to happen, you can plan ways to push through and ultimately learn. Keep those lessons tucked deep into your “mental rolodex” and use them as examples of how to handle other hindering situations as they come.

The idea is not to feel defeated when going through a failure. Failure does not define who you are! It’s simply a testament to your grit and ability to understand and accept those things you cannot change. Failure positions you to pick up and move forward much more informed and prepared.

9. Stay True to Self
No matter where you are in life, or who you select to spend time with, do not change who you are. Regardless of who you think people want you to be, never succumb to replacing your authentic self with a representative in order to be accepted or promoted. The more you pretend to be someone you are not, the more you water down all the unique attributes you possess. Embrace who you are. No one else could pull it off so effortlessly.

10. Work Your Butt Off
I’ve heard the saying, “hard work trumps talent any day.” And quite frankly, I agree. Often, we spend time brainstorming, prepping, and learning new skills. But the delay comes when it’s time to take action. Preparation is obviously necessary, but how will you exhibit your God given talents without sharing them? It’s time! Time to work hard as if you have no other options. As if, your plan B is to only make your plan A work. You have the tools, you have the innate talents, you have all that you need to get things done!

Burnout, fear and apprehension are all feelings that can block productivity. You have to fight! In everything you do, challenge yourself to go twice as hard towards catapulting your life!

image2 (3)Tiyana Jordan has almost a decade of marketing and branding experience. Jordan is an avid writer, researcher and her fixation with business development are the reasons why she started NINE30 Brand Voice Agency and Consulting. Her dedication to entrepreneurship, business foundation and professional relationship building plays a pivotal role in her career.

A Tulane alumnae and native New Orleanian, Jordan understands culture and how integrating a business’s culture into its target audience is key. Her work compilates a keen attention to industry trends, business forecast and taking special interest in those entrepreneurs destined to be tomorrow’s tastemakers.

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