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2020 is here! It’s a new year and a new decade. EnvisionHer 2020 is unveiling all that you can be with this four week workshop series centered on self worth, wealth, wisdom and vision. Join us for this interactive series led by our editor-in-chief, Vonna Matthews, founder of Self Esteem Elevated, Cheryl Roseborough, Manifestation Guru, Michelle J. Lamont and more.

All workshops are 9am to 12pm and include breakfast, light snack, coffee breaks and all class materials.

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$75 per workshop
$249 for all 4 workshops (Purchase our full workshop package for over 15% off each ticket price.)
January 18 – February 8
4 Week Event Series to kick off the New Decade – Elevating your life, business, career and purpose

Move beyond your stagnant place and realize all that you are called to be.

January 18
Week 1 – 
Envision Her… Worthy
Who do you think you are? Who does God say you are? Let’s merge the two.

This interactive and intensive workshop will give you the tools to find your identity, worth and purpose according to God’s plan.

Facilitated by Vonna Matthews, Keynote Speaker: Michelle J. Lamont

January 25
Week 2 –
Envision Her… a Visionary
Let’s go beyond asking for houses and cars. Let’s ask God to enlarge our territory.

Visionary and founder of Self Esteem Elevated, Cheryl Roseborough, will walk you through her intensive vision board workshop to connect who you are and your purpose with the visions God has given you.

February 1
Week 3 –
Envision Her… Wealthy
Let’s talk money! Make it. Grow it. Protect it. Invest it.

This three hour workshop will teach you how to grow and protect your money through investing, saving and financial planning.

February 8
Week 4 –
Envision Her… Wise
This is an intensive Bible study that will go deeper into what God has to say about who we are, our visions and dreams, our finances and our place in this world. It will explore topics discussed in all previous workshops.

All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds.