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Teaching Your Kids to Give this Holiday Season

Many believe the heart of the holiday season belongs to children. It is about seeing those bright young faces beam with joy as each gift is opened. With every ribbon that is torn apart and every piece of wrapping paper that is ripped from its box, anticipation increases. The doll she has always wanted peeps through the clear pink box. His face lights up with surprise as he opens the latest video game he thought you’d never buy.

We as moms love the happiness our children feel when receiving their desired gifts. We also love the gift of appreciation we receive when our children exhibit gratitude. What better time to teach our kids the value of gratitude and giving to others than the holiday season. Not everyone enters the holiday season with excitement and anticipation. For many, it is a dreaded time filled with sadness. Maybe a loved one has passed away, and this is the first holiday without her. There is a father who lost his job, and this year no gifts will be under the tree. 

Here are 15 things you can do with your kids to teach them how to bless others during this holiday season.

  1. Take them to give away unwanted toys to a women’s shelter. 
  2. Donate to a local charity in your children’s name.
  3. Participate in a coat drive. Give away their old coats or go shopping for someone else. Let them pick out the coats.
  4. Bake holiday cookies for the neighbors.
  5. Take your children to visit a nursing home and take gifts or baked treats.  
  6. Participate in a toy drive. 
  7. Collect money to feed a family in need dinner for a week.
  8. Volunteer at a food bank. 
  9. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
  10. Invite someone to church. 
  11. Sponsor or take an underprivileged child on a winter adventure such as a holiday play or ice skating.
  12. Help decorate a senior citizen’s house or tree.
  13. Work with your children to put together a gift basket for their teachers. 
  14. Sing holiday carols to the neighbors.
  15. Visit children in the hospital. Arrive with gifts and love notes.

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